The new HD1-diploma programme attracts more students

CBS expects to welcome around 650 new diploma students to the basic diploma programme HD1 in the new semester which is an increase of 16% compared to 2019. The diploma programmes will continue enrolment up to the study start to increase the number even further. Since a revised programme to meet the demands of a modern business community and the COVID-19 crisis have seen the light of day, the number of applicants has been rising.


Bjarke MacCarthy
Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

In September around 650 new HD1 students will start studying at CBS. The exact number will be determined when enrolment closes on 1 September.

As the enrolment in the diploma programmes have been stagnant in the past years, this increase is quite remarkable. According to Peter Lotz, Associate Dean, there are several reasons for this increase:

”Companies as well as individual employees focus to a greater extent on the importance of having the right business competences in a modern business community. Due to COVID-19, everyone across the company must pull together to move on and for this reason a general organisational and business understanding is essential. This is exactly what HD1 provides”, Lotz says.

Another reason for the growth is that the programme has just undergone a large reform:

”In the past year we have thrown a lot of energy into updating the diploma programmes and put together a clear and modern business programme on the basis of a close dialogue with the business community. We were able to present the result during spring which I think has been an influential factor too”.

Many applications for HD1 online

The HD1 programme is taken physically at CBS or online and this year has shown a significant increase in the applications for the online courses. Last year, around 90 students applied for this, however, this year more than 150 students have chosen to study HD1 online.

Considers enrolment twice a year

Based on this positive development CBS also considers winter enrolment in the diploma programmes.
”Our programme is up to date and we have the capacity. This should benefit as many people as possible and for this reason we strongly consider enrolling new students after Christmas”, Peter Lotz concludes.

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