The introduction activities are key for getting off to a good start at CBS

Every year, new bachelor students at CBS are invited to participate in a series of planned introduction activities. The purpose of these activities is to help students get off to a good start at CBS. Although participation is not mandatory, CBS strongly recommends that all new students make participation a priority.


"The introduction activities are important. They are supposed to help our new students settle in. This is where you meet your new fellow students and where you are introduced to your new studies and life at CBS. And it is also where you will get a taste of the academic and social elements of being a student," explains Vice Dean Annemette Kjærgaard about the purpose of the introduction activities.

At CBS, the introduction activities are organised by the study boards in cooperation with the intro guides. The intro guides are experienced, committed students who want to help their new fellow students get off to a good start in their studies.  The introduction activities give students a thorough introduction to CBS, their study programme and their fellow students.

To ensure that all participants feel comfortable during the introduction activities, CBS has composed a set of very simple rules, explains Annemette Kjærgaard:

"We have conducted seminars in cooperation with our largest student organisation, CBS Students, about the purpose of the introduction activities for all of this year’s intro guides, so that all participants understand the true purpose of the introduction week –  namely to ensure a good start to academic and social life at CBS. We insist that consumption of strong alcohol is completely forbidden during the introduction activities and off-campus trips, and that consumption of any type of alcohol is forbidden before 17:00.  We require a minimum of two intro guides to remain completely sober at any time during the introduction activities.”

CBS also encourages participants in the introduction activities to show consideration for each other by limiting their alcohol consumption, so that everyone can feel comfortable during the activities. The introduction activities consist of social and academic activities, and an off-campus trip is only a small part of the introduction activities.

All study boards have approved full, detailed programmes for the introduction activities for their respective study programmes. This is to ensure that new students get off to a good start on life as a university student:

"We know from our yearly surveys that most students are really happy with the introduction activities. We also know that a good introduction typically ensures a good start to your studies in general, and that a good start in turn means a good overall study experience, where you feel included, both academically and socially." Annemette Kjærgaard concludes: "that is why it is so important that new students participate in the introduction activities."

Have a great year!

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