Technically, CBS cannot terminate the enrolment of temporarily suspended students

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has informed CBS that terminating the enrolment of the students who have been temporarily suspended due to violation of intro rules is not possible. CBS informed the students in question of this last Friday. Even though the suspended students are still enrolled, they are not allowed to participate in activities at CBS and their student IDs have been deactivated during the suspension period.


25 students who were temporarily suspended in December 2019 for breaking CBS’ intro rules have just received an addendum to the decision they received in December 2019. In this addendum, CBS informs the students that their enrolment will not be terminated during the suspension period. The original decision had otherwise stated that the enrolment of students was to be terminated by CBS during the suspension period.

Until now, CBS has been terminating the enrolment of temporarily suspended students, however, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has informed CBS that this practice is not in accordance with the ministerial order on admission. Based on this inquiry from the Agency CBS has now informed the temporarily suspended students of this.

CBS regrets this, the suspensions are upheld
- Clearly, we regret that the original decision included information we had to clarify after being informed by the Agency. However, it does not change the decision, only the condition that the enrolment of the suspended students have not technically been terminated, explains Mette Kuhlen Gullach, Head of CBS Legal.

Even if the suspended students are now being re-enrolled in CBS’ programme administration systems, they will remain excluded from participating in activities at CBS during the suspension period, including teaching and exam activities. Their student IDs have been deactivated and their studies will be delayed as a consequence of their actions during or in connection with CBS’ intro course in 2019.

In turn, the addendum to the original decision means that the students now can apply for a period of study abroad on equal terms as other CBS students even if they have been temporarily suspended, as long as the period of study is after the suspension period has ended. The addendum might also have impact on conditions outside the influence of CBS, e.g. the students’ current housing situation and their access to SU during the suspension period.

Technical background:
•    It appears from CBS’ Code of Conduct that a possible sanction for violating the code is a temporary or permanent suspension which means that the students’ enrolment is terminated and that the students have to hand in their student ID.
•    The Agency has informed CBS that a temporary suspension cannot entail a termination of enrolment and therefore not affect the students’ status as a student.
•    CBS has taken note of the Agency’s statement and contacted the students in question. In future, CBS will change the wording in decisions regarding temporary suspension and revise the code accordingly.

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