Study start and a sense of community in a time of coronavirus

A good start to your studies is an important factor when it comes to building a good student life. That is why CBS is starting off the semester with the Enjoy Campus Life campaign yet again. This year, the campaign has a special focus on community and new friendships in a time of physical distance and digital teaching.



‘Your new friend is just 1 m. away’ is the message on the floor stickers in front of the auditoriums reminding new students to keep a safe distance. This year's study start is, like the rest of society, affected by the coronavirus. Among other things, this means that this year's new students will spend less time together, have less teaching on campus and have to keep a physical distance to their new fellow students. All factors that may make it more difficult to become part of the community on campus.
To ensure a sense of community and help new friendships along, this year's Enjoy Campus Life campaign focuses on loneliness, supporting each other, academic and social inclusion and encouraging students to seek help from Student Affairs if they do not get the study start they had hoped for. These messages are organised under the slogan "Your new friend" along with the hashtag #CBSfriend.

The students will meet the campaign on campus in the form of floor stickers, banners and posters, on the student intranet and via postings on social media. In addition, the study start guides will be wearing T-shirts and jerseys supporting the messages of the campaign, just as the new students will receive badges so they are easily recognisable to their fellow students. Since a large part of the study start takes place off campus this year, new students will also be given blankets and hand sanitisers with content from the campaign, which they can take with them.

The first part of the campaign runs from Monday 24 August when the new bachelor students start and the following three weeks. Later, the campaign will be followed up with new invitations to reach out to fellow students, just as the message that you can get help will be repeated during the semester.
The Enjoy Campus Life campaign was developed by CBS and Advice three years ago. All elements of this year's campaign have been created internally at CBS in a collaboration between Student Affairs and Communications.
If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact: Head of programme administration Bitta Nielsen

The page was last edited by: Communications // 08/24/2020