STARK wins this year’s HBH Prize

Close collaboration with companies is of paramount importance to CBS and to our students. STARK was announced as this year’s winner of the HBH Prize. The HBH Prize is awarded annually by researchers at CBS and the HBH Foundation for state-of-the-art marketing by a Danish company or organisation.


“We are proud to receive the HBH award and especially excited about the future collaboration with all the talented graduate students at CBS. Although STARK is a market leader and one of Denmark's largest companies, we are less well known outside our own industry – the HBH Prize can help change that,” says Britta Korre Stenholt, CEO of STARK

“It is essential for our students to gain real-life experience. The more interaction with business during the study, the greater the difference our students can make. In business and society - local and globally,” says Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, President, CBS.

CBS students write thesis in collaboration with STARK

This year’s graduate students will be able to make a real difference by choosing STARK as a case study. STARK has put forward six different themes: Business Model, Digital Leadership, Sustainability, Digitalisation, Logistics and Organisational Culture.

“The themes described are all areas where big and exciting changes will happen in the coming years. We therefore look forward to the graduates seeing new and different opportunities than we do ourselves – and willingly provoking us to do things in a different way than we are used to,” says Britta Korre Stenholt

With the whole of the construction industry at a crossroads, where demands for efficiency on the construction site, sustainability, and digitalisation, among other things, will bring about major changes.

“It will also affect how we at STARK do business with and serve our customers, making the themes very topical for both STARK and the industry as a whole. These are therefore real issues for STARK, and we are very much looking forward to hearing the graduate students' answers,” adds Britta Korre Stenholt.

About the HBH Prize

Since 1991, the HBH Prize has been presented annually by CBS and the HBH foundation. Behind the award is Henrik Bødtcher-Hansen, who established the company H. B. Hansen A/S shortly after World War II and made HBH a household name within electric appliances. Among others, the HBH Prize has been given to Mikkeller, B&O Play, VELUX and Hi-Fi Klubben.

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