Rent out a room to an exchange student


Every year, Copenhagen Business School welcomes exchange students from the whole world. They need a place to stay. Renting out one of your rooms is a unique opportunity to help a student and expand your horizon.


During the autumn semester (August to December) we host around 650 incoming students from all over the world. However, we do not have enough dorm rooms available for this amount of students; we have only around 350 dorm rooms. We need your help. These students are business students from very renowned universities worldwide. If you wish to see our partner universities you are welcome to visit the web page "Partner Universities".

The incoming students have passed an IBT TOEFL test, which means that they have a very high level of English, so you should not have problems communicating with them in English.

Living with a person from another culture is an opportunity for our Danish landlords to strengthen their intercultural communication, as well as seeing things from other people´s perspectives. Some landlords see this arrangement as an opportunity to practice a language. Danish landlords, on the other hand, offer our exchange students the opportunity to experience Danish culture from the inside.

Please note that this arrangement is not a homestay. That means that you are not obliged to cook meals for them or clean for them. Moreover, the level of social interaction between both of you is totally up to you.

Apply before 7 August
You just need to fill out the application form:

Landlord application form

We then analyse which of the students match your preferences and send your application to the candidate. The student has to respond within 72 hours informing if he/she is interested in your room. If the student does not contact you, please let us know right away, so we can find you another student.

Practical information about private housing

For more information contact:
CBS International Office
E-mail:, tel.: 3815 3054


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