Rent out a room and help Danish and international exchange students

CBS International Office needs your help! It is a major challenge to find housing for CBS' incoming exchange students. Copenhagen residents can make a big difference both for CBS' own students and the incoming exchange students by renting out a spare room.


- The exchange ratio is 1:1, so the less exchange students Copenhagen and Frederiksberg are able to accommodate, the less CBS students we will be able to send out into the world, says Tom Dahl-Østergaard, Director of the International Office at CBS.

The CBS Housing Office is off to a good start, but we still need housing for approx. 50 people. The quicker we can find accommodation to offer our exchange students the better, as housing is essential to incoming students. It is a precarious situation not knowing whether you have a place to stay during a period of study abroad. Worst-case scenario is that the excited international students have to cancel a six-month long period of study at CBS.

The students should be able to look forward to their stay in Copenhagen, so besides helping a person in need, there are other benefits of renting out a room to exchange students: A little more money every month, the possibility of strengthening your language skills, having a cultural experience and meeting new people from all over the world. An extra bonus is the fact that you are helping the many CBS students, who by means of a period of study abroad will be able to realise a dream - to get international experience and insight as an excange student.

Do you have a spare room? Please contact the CBS International Office at +45 38 15 30 54 or e-mail Read more at

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