Number of Quota 2 applicants determined


According to new figures, the number of applicants applying to CBS via Quota 2 in 2014 is stable, though with a slight decrease compared to last year.


The number of first priority applicants for CBS’ bachelor programmes fell by one percent compared to 2013.

The total number of people applying to CBS via Quota 2 in 2014 was 7,663. Overall, this is a four percent decrease compared to 2013, but the number of applicants for 2014 is greater compared to 2012.

CBS head of studies Rie Snekkerup is satisfied with the number of applicants.

- The slight decrease in the number of Quota 2 applicants may be because we introduced several new programmes last year that attracted many applicants. This created an artificially high grade point average last year, which has perhaps discouraged some of this year’s applicants. This year the programmes are at a more ordinary level,” explains head of studies Rie Snekkerup.

Rie Snekkerup is referring to the new BSc in Economics and Business Administration (HA) in Project Management that had 23 percent more first priority applicants compared to this year.

Some of the programmes that have experienced a sharp increase in applicants are the English-language programmes International Business and Politics and Business, Language and Culture, with 23 and 19 percent more applicants, respectively, compared to last year.

A brand new programme like International Shipping and Trade, with 151 applicants, is also popular among applicants this year.

Since 2009, CBS has doubled the number of openings via Quota 2.

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