Nexus – a study café only

The Thursday parties at CBS have grown exponentially in recent years. As well as resulting in a party environment inconsistent with a campus, this has created problems for evening teaching programmes. Therefore, CBS has decided that when the autumn semester starts in August, the café will function exclusively as a study café.


Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy
Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

From 1 August, there will no more partying until the early hours of the morning at Café Nexus on Solbjerg Plads. Over the years, Thursday parties have grown bigger and bigger – and have now reached the level of professional night club parties, for good and bad. This does not belong at a university campus, says acting president, Inger Askehave:

‘Unfortunately, we’re seeing repeated incidents of conflicts, noise and vandalism caused by guests; examples of transgressive behaviour, as also seen at night club parties elsewhere; alcohol consumption far exceeding the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations; and guards have also confiscated drugs. Quite simply, the parties at Café Nexus have reached a point where we have to say stop,’ Inger Askehave says about the decision.

The Senior Management of CBS has decided to withdraw permission for Thursday parties as of 1 August 2022. In future, Nexus will only be open on weekdays from 8.00am to 8.00pm. Alcohol may be served from 5.00pm to 8.00pm, but only beverages with an alcohol content of less than 6%. The aim is to refocus Nexus’s function as a cosy, centrally located study café on campus, Inger Askehave explains.

‘CBS has an important duty to act as a responsible educational institution with a secure, inclusive campus environment that provides the best possible framework for student learning and development. This responsibility – and society’s focus on our ability to live up to it – has by no means diminished in recent years. And, unfortunately, the Thursday parties do not positively contribute to the situation,’ she adds.

Several times a year, the Thursday parties attract more than 1,000 guests from late Thursday afternoon until the small hours of the morning. In consequence, CBS has been forced to close classrooms and group rooms at Solbjerg Plads near Frederiksberg Centeret. These rooms are in high demand and would otherwise be used for graduate diploma (HD) classes in particular. The decision to close the Thursday parties also means CBS will strengthen the other social activities on campus.

‘As an educational institution, we are aware of the importance of social activities for a good student environment. As such, we support our many associations on campus, and would very much like to discuss with our students through CBS Students what else we collectively can do to strengthen our good student environment. All ideas are welcome,’ says acting President Inger Askehave.

Senior Management explains that the annual party at the start of the semester will continue – as a festive start to the academic year for all students. In future, as now, student associations and study programmes will be able to book rooms for academic activities and celebrations via Events & Room Allocation. This also applies to ECO, the student-run Friday bar at Dalgas Have. The events booked must be connected with CBS’s daily activities and comply with regulations.

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