New Requirements for Graduate Applicants in 2021


New deadline for language requirements: for example, you need to fulfil the English-language requirement already when applying to CBS.


Foto: Bjarke MacCarthy
Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

New deadline for documentation of language requirements in 2021
To qualify for a CBS graduate programme, you need to fulfil certain language requirements. Depending on which programme you want to apply for, you will need:

  • English level A
  • English level B
  • Danish level A   

You will find the language requirements for each graduate programme here under Graduate Admission > Entry requirements

The new deadline in 2021 means that you need to include documentation that you fulfil the language requirement when you apply for a graduate programme. The language requirements ensure that, as a student, you are able to follow the lectures and the reading materials.

Previously, the deadline for language requirements was 1 September. However, since many applicants struggled to obtain the necessary results in the language test, you will now need to have passed the test before the application deadline. That way we do not assign places to students who end up not meeting the requirements for admission.

Application deadline is 1 March for EU citizens. For non-EU citizens please check below which application deadline applies to you.

Do you need a language test?
If you do not already meet the language requirement, you need a language test. Please note that it might take some time to get the results, so you need to sign up well before the application deadline. That way, you will also be able to take the test several times, if do you not get the results you need the first time.

You can see which language tests and exams CBS accepts on the English level A and English level B pages.

You may already fulfil the language requirements through your upper secondary exam or through your bachelor programme. If you go to the section “Alternative ways of fulfilling the language requirements” on the English level A or English level B pages, you will find the cases in which you do not need a language test, e.g. if you have completed a full bachelor programme in the US.

No matter what, you always need to enclose documentation for fulfilling the language requirement(s) when applying to a graduate programme. Being signed up for a test or awaiting test results does not count as sufficient documentation. You need to send your actual test scores by the application deadline.

You can find out more about how to document the language requirements here under Admission > How to apply > Documentation

Specifically for Non-EU Citizens
If you are a non-EU citizen, you belong to one of two applicant groups when applying to CBS. There are different deadlines for each group. Which group you belong to depends on your citizenship and if you need a student residence permit to live and study in Denmark.  

  • Application deadline 15 January: Non-EU citizens who need a residence permit to study in Denmark. The application round for this group opens mid-December.
  • Application deadline 1 March: Non-EU citizens, who have different grounds for residence (e.g., if you are living in Denmark on a permanent residence permit) and who therefore do not need a student residence permit. The application round for this group opens mid-January.

For all applicants, the language requirements must be fulfilled before the application deadline.

You will find more information about which group you belong to here under Admission > Deadlines

If you cannot fulfill the language requirement by 1 March

If you cannot fulfill the language requirement before 1 March, or you cannot obtain the necessary documentation, you have the following options:

You do not fulfill the requirement and you have not taken a test:
If you do not fulfill the language requirement and you have not taken, you should do the following: 
  • Sign up for a test ASAP 
  • Upload your test registration to your application
  • If the test date is after the application deadline, you should also upload a brief explanation of the reasons for the delay to your application
  • Make sure that your test results are available to CBS for electronic verification, so we can check your results after the documented test date 
You fulfill the requirement, but cannot provide the necessary documentation:
If you have the required qualifications but your documentation is missing a stamp, a signature or another formality, upload it to your application and start working on obtaining documentation that fully lives up to our specifications ASAP. CBS Admissions will be asking for it after the application deadline.

Read more about documentation on
You cannot fulfill the requirement until later due to personal circumstances:
If you find yourself in extraordinary personal circumstances and in need of a later test date, you can apply for an exemption. 


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