New codex for online teaching

Together with CBS Students we introduce a codex for responsible online behaviour in all our courses and teaching activities.


Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

As a response to experiences of working and studying during the lockdown which began on 12 March in Denmark and lasted the full semester, CBS Students has in collaboration with CBS' employees developed a set of norms for good online behaviour. Every course with elements of online teaching and learning should apply the CBS Codex for Responsible Online Learning (RoLe) which was finalised in August 2020.

In any classroom situation, no less the online classroom, both learners and teachers have the responsibility to create an educational atmosphere that is conducive for teaching and learning. Everyone has a role that comes with its own tasks and obligations to fulfil. For some, online education may create new forms of psychological distance in the classroom as compared to physical classroom lectures, making it more challenging to meaningfully act, observe, respond and interact. In the online classroom, it therefore becomes a joint responsibility to be aware of those challenges and to overcome them. This is especially true
for a diverse learning space like CBS where people and norms from around the world meet.

For a teaching and learning community to function effectively online, certain forms of mutual responsibility must be upheld by all. The guidelines presented in the following paper serve to offer a structure for learners and teachers to reach a shared understanding of their responsibilities when meeting online. It is recommended that all new (online) courses begin with a presentation of this codes and where necessary, deliberation of RoLe (responsible online learning).

For more information please contact:

Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, Annemette Kjærgaard, or

Head of Teaching and Learning, Jakob Ravn, or

President of CBS Students, Sarah Diemar,

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