Love Suits Everyone

Copenhagen Business School joins Copenhagen Pride 2020 with the motto ‘Love Suits Everyone’.


Foto: Liza Dava
Photo: Liza Dava
On 17-23 August we participate in Copenhagen Pride Week and on Saturday 22 August in this year’s Digital Pride Parade followed by a Pride Show on the local Copenhagen TV channel TV2 Lorry. At CBS we participate in Copenhagen Pride because we are obligated by society to provide knowledge and improve understanding through research in diversity and inclusion. It is our responsibility to have an inclusive study environment that is welcoming and makes every single student feel at home which will help our graduates become innovative and empathetic colleagues and leaders. This responsibility also extends to our staff so CBS can be an inclusive workplace attracting new and developing current employees.

Learn more about why CBS is involved in Copenhagen Pride in this video with the President of CBS, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller.



The full CBS programme is as follows:

Tuesday 18 August, 15:00-16:00: Pride: A new civil religion? (Tent 1: David Kato, Copenhagen City Hall Square)

A pride parade is a public (and loud) celebration of the values that a democracy cannot be without: Tolerance, inclusivity, consideration for others. Collective confirmations of these values are often associated with the concept of a ‘civil religion’: Prides celebrate universal values as a public ritual, but they can also cause friction in society and be hijacked by businesses and political groups. What will it take to keep Pride an open public ritual in the future?

Participants: Interviewer: Lars Henriksen (Foreperson, Copenhagen Pride), Stefan Schwarzkopf (Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School), Sine Nørholm Just (Professor, Roskilde University) and Jannick Friis Christensen (Postdoc., Copenhagen Business School)

Wednesday 19 August, 12:00-13:00: CBS Thesis Saloon (Tent 1: David Kato, Copenhagen City Hall Square)
Behind the bachelor and master theses at Copenhagen Business School are students with a passion for their subject. This is why we’ve created the CBS Thesis Salon where students can present their theses focused on subjects like LGBTI+, pride and diversity. Prepare yourself to be challenged on what you think you know. The goal is to educate and inspire broadly held opinions and assumptions from an academic perspective.

Thursday 20 August, 16:30-17:30: Talk: LGBTI employee networks (Tent 1: David Kato, Copenhagen City Hall Square)

Can you use an LGBTI+ employee network for more than w(h)ining and dining? Two experts are interviewed about the merits of these networks that are often criticised for having minimal influence on the improvement of working conditions for minorities. The networks often evolve into separate units that are excluded from other institutions. On the other hand, they can empower the diversity that would otherwise be cowed by more dominant workplace culture. We will discuss pros and cons as well as best practices.

Participants: Interviewer: Jannick Friis Christensen (Postdoc, Copenhagen Business School), Dr. Anna Einarsdottir (Senior Lector, The York Management School, University of York) and Ulla Dalsgaard (Nordic Learning Partner at IBM, and Founder of the Danish LGBT Business Network)

Saturday 22 August, 18:30-19:30: Digital Copenhagen Pride Parade (TV2 Lorry / Online Event)

Even though we won’t be able to have the iconic parade through the streets of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen the way we know and love, Copenhagen Pride has made a digital solution that will be both festive, educational and inspiring – and which will also focus on some of the important moments that have led to the need for a pride march. CBS participates with a video featuring President Nikolaj Malchow-Møller.

Saturday 22 August, 19:45-21:45: Copenhagen Pride Show (TV2 Lorry / Online Event)

This year’s Pride show will be a unique celebration – in a digital format that will keep your eyes on the screen and leave you speechless. The Pride Show will be Denmark’s first XR experience - XR stands for eXtended Reality and it will combine show, people, and technology into one total experience.

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