Five new members to join the CBS Board of Directors

A few replacements have been made in the Board. At the end of 2019, four new internal members were elected by employees and students at CBS, while CBS’ appointment committee appointed a new external member.


At the university election in November 2019, employees and students at CBS elected new members to the Board to replace the four incumbent internal members. Their term of office had expired and they had chosen not to run for another term.

Simultaneously, CBS has advertised for a new external member. The most significant qualification requirements for this member were experience in research and management of institutions of education and research.

The above-mentioned processes have resulted in five new members joining the CBS Board of Directors:

Elected by the academic staff with a 69% poll:

Sara Louise Muhr, Professor mso, Department of Organization, and Jesper Rangvid, Professor, Department of Finance will replace David Lando and Mette Morsing who have served on the Board for eight and four years, respectively.

Elected by the technical-administrative staff with a 58% poll:

Mia Cudrio Thomsen, Senior Advisor, Dean’s Office, Education will replace Jakob Ravn who has served on the Board for eight years.

Elected by the students with a 15% poll:

Tobias Munch, MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems will replace Thomas Skinnerup Philipsen who has served on the Board for two years.

Appointed by CBS’ appointment committee on the recommendation of CBS’ recommendation committee:

Gunnar Bovim, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, former rector of NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Chairman of the Board of Innovation Norway. Gunnar will replace Arvid Hallén who has served on the Board for eight years.


The new members will supplement the current members of the Board:

Torben Möger Pedersen, Chairman

Michael Rasmussen, Deputy Chairman

Alfred Josefsen

Mette Vestergaard

Sebastian Toft Bringstrup

Lilian Mogensen

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