Do you know the language requirement for your graduate programme?

All graduate programmes at CBS have a language requirement. You must fulfil the language requirement, when you send your application to CBS.


Foto: Bjarke MacCarthy
Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

Check the language requirement

To qualify for a CBS graduate programme, you need to fulfil certain language requirements. Depending on which programme you want to apply for, you will need:

  • English level A
  • English level B
  • Danish level A   

You will find the language requirements for each graduate programme here on > Graduate Admission > Entry requirements

The language requirements ensure that, as a student, you are able to follow the lectures and the reading materials.

Upload documentation before the application deadline

You must include documentation that you fulfil the language requirement in your application for a graduate programme.

The application deadline is 1 March for EU citizens.

Please note: If you are from outside the EU, different deadlines may apply. You can find more information here on > Admission > Deadlines.

Do you need a language test?

If you do not already meet the language requirement, you need to take a language test. Please note that it might take some time to get the results, so you need to sign up well before the application deadline. That way, you will also be able to take the test several times if do you not get the results you need the first time.

You can see which language tests and exams CBS accepts on the English level A and English level B pages.

Do you meet the requirement through your upper secondary qualifications?

You may already fulfil the language requirements through your upper secondary exam or through your bachelor programme. On the English level A or English level B pages, you will find the cases in which you do not need a language test, e.g. if you have completed a full bachelor programme in the US.

No matter what, you always need to upload documentation for fulfilling the language requirement(s) when applying to a graduate programme. Being signed up for a test or awaiting test results does not count as sufficient documentation. You need to send your actual test scores by the application deadline.

You can find out more about how to document the language requirements here under Admission > How to apply > Documentation

Going from a bachelor in Danish to a graduate programme in English?

Even if you meet the language requirement, you should consider if you feel prepared to take an entire graduate programme in English.

The academic level increases from bachelor to graduate programme. If you are to handle new language challenges on top of greater academic requirements, it is important to be and feel ready. It is our experience that even students with English level A can find it difficult to take an entire graduate programme in English, if they have not used their English since their upper secondary school.

You should therefore consider how to prepare and improve your English before study start, e.g. a taking a brush-up course in English.

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