Complicated cryptocurrency? Find an expert in bitcoins and blockchain

It might be difficult to know your bitcoins from your litecoins or BXP Chip coins. Learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by contacting our talented researchers in this list.


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Bitcoins has become a phenomenon which has changed the way we perceive banks and economical transactions completely.

But how does the technology behind blockchain and bitcoins really work?

And what ethical considerations must be taken into account when you are transferring money without being able to track the sender?

These are some of the aspects that you can learn more about by contacting our researchers in the list below.

The list is intended for journalists with an interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Professor Michel Avital – Department of Digitalization 

• Blockchain Technology
• Blockchain business development
• Digital cash and cryptocurrencies

Contact: +45 4185 2037 -

Professor Mogens Kühn Pedersen – Department of Operations Management 

• Bitcoins
• Blockchain
• Economic and business impact of digitalization

Contact: +4538152254 -

Ph.d. Louise Fjord Kjærsgaard - CBS Law

• Cryptocurrency
• Tax law

Contact: 51210520-

Professor Ken L. Bechmann – Department of Finance 

• Blockchain
• Bitcoins

Contact: +4538152953 -

Centerleder Lars Christian Ohnemus – Center for Corporate Governance

• Cryptocurrency

Contact: +4538153042 -

Professor Ioanna Constantiou – Department of Digitalization 

• Shared economy platforms
• Digital practice

Contact: +4538152353 or 25143681 -

Professor Tom Kirchmeier – Department of Accounting 

• Cryptocurrency

Contact: +4538152650 -

Postdoc Søren Ulrik Plesner – Department of Finance

• Cryptocurrency and ethics 

Contact: +45 4072 1994 -

Lektor Ole Bjerg – Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy 

• Bitcoins

Contact: +4538152813 or +45 30281911 -

Associate professor Raghave Rao Mukkamala - Department of Digitalization

• Blockchain and Smart Contracts
• Distributed Ledger Technology
• Blockchain and DLT Applications


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