Chairman of the CBS Board of Directors reappointed for another four years

Torben Möger Pedersen has been reappointed for the position as chairman of the CBS Board for a new four-year period, and Lilian Mogensen has been reappointed as an external member of the Board for another four-year period.


Lilian Mogensen’s first term as external member of the CBS Board expires on 31 March 2023, while Torben Möger Pedersen’s first term as chairman expires on 30 June 2023. Both have stated that they are available for a second term on the Board. 

At their meeting in November 2022, the CBS Board discussed the reappointments and decided to recommend Lilian Mogensen and Torben Möger Pedersen for another four-year period to the Appointment Committee. At a meeting in January 2023, the committee decided to approve this recommendation and thus reappointed Lilian Mogensen to the Board as of 1 April 2023 and Torben Möger Pedersen as of 1 July 2023.

The reappointment of Torben Möger Pedersen as chairman of the CBS Board has been presented to the Minister of Higher Education and Science for approval which has taken place, and the reappointment process has thus been finalised.

"I appreciate the confidence from the Minister, the Appointment Committee and the CBS Board. I truly look forward to continuing to work together with the other board members, Senior Management and the many talented and capable students and employees at CBS,” says Torben Möger Pedersen about the reappointment.


Facts about the Board of Directors:
The external members of the CBS Board of Directors are appointed for a period of four years. They can be reappointed once. Reappointment is carried out by the Appointment Committee and does not require a preceding recommendation from the Recommendation Committee. The reappointment of the chair of the Board must be presented to the Minister of Higher Education and Science for approval.

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