CBS to promote good student life with new campaign


CBS’ Enjoy Campus Life 2019 campaign describes the challenges students may encounter when they begin studying and points out the importance of dialogue and respectful behaviour.



There are 19,708 definitions of fun at CBS. Let’s respect all of them.

That’s one of the slogans from the Enjoy Campus Life campaign, which focuses on helping new students get off to a good start. Floor stickers, wall banners, posters, and social media posts will all advertise the campaign.

Respecting one another’s different boundaries and values – both digitally and in person – is an issue that the new campaign at CBS will address, according to Wilbert van der Meer, the Head of the Dean’s Office, Education.

“The campaign centres on how to create the best, most inclusive study environment. The overall message is that you must behave respectfully. Both on campus and on social media,” he explains, adding:

“Denmark has its own particular party culture, which is why it’s important that the school considers what kind of student environment we would like to create for young students. It has to be safe and there has to be room for everyone.”


Ongoing dialogue on good study environment

This year’s campaign is a follow-up on last year’s Enjoy Campus Life, where words such as “grabcing” (when a fun dance turns into unpleasant grabbing) and “belone” (when you can’t decide if you belong or feel alone) were used to spark reflection on boundaries and loneliness.

Van der Meer explains that it’s extremely important that CBS maintain a continuing dialogue on new students feeling safe, and on the difficulties of college life:

“We must continue to spotlight inclusion and a safe study environment, which we do by pursuing an ongoing dialogue about values, for example. We hope that the campaign will be an opportunity for students to stop and reflect on their actions. Plus, we’ve made it even clearer that the Student Guidance Service is available to provide help if students experience inappropriate behaviour.”

The communications agency Advice, in collaboration with CBS, is behind the campaign, which will begin on 28 August and run until 16 September 2019.

For more information, contact the Head of the Dean’s Office, Education Wilbert van der Meer.


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