CBS students recognised with travel scholarship


The talent and drive of six CBS students were recently acknowledged by CBS and the Finn Junge-Jensen Scholarship. Besides having an international outlook, all six recipients of the scholarship have all made an extra effort that is worth recognising and celebrating.


Photo: From the left; Finn Junge-Jensen, Caroline Breinholt, Julie Lundtoft Jensen, Henriette Søs Henriksen, Nikolaj Koors Hoff, Christian Mathias B. Bohn and Henrik Kowalewski Jahnsen.

CBS presents the Finn Junge-Jensen Scholarship, which is worth DKK 100,000, for the third year in a row. This year, the scholarship was distributed between six of a total of 134 applications from students at CBS. The scholarship is earmarked for travelling, so that the students can improve their skills during a period of study abroad.

Who has the drive and talent at CBS in 2017?
The scholarship recipients can be found within the categories "Drive" and "Talent". They are all students from CBS, who, besides from having international outlook, either have an apparent academic talent combined with entrepreneurial skills, or make an extraordinary effort for the benefit of CBS.
Henriette Søs Henriksen and Nikolaj Koors Hoff were both awarded with DKK 30,000 for already planned study visits, while Julie Lundtoft Jensen, Caroline Breinholdt, Christian Mathias B. Bohn and Henrik Kowalewski Jahnsen each were awarded a travel scholarship of DKK 10,000.
The reason why exactly these six skilled students were presented with this recognition is not only that they are top students, but also that they are involved in other activities that are relevant to their studies; activities that span from participating in this year's CBS Case Competition to board duties and working in CBS' student associations.

A motivating scholarship
CBS celebrated the scholarship winners at an award ceremony with champagne and speeches from earlier recipients of the scholarship. Proud winners, parents and family members were all smiles throughout the event.
Last year's recipients paid their experience forward and provided a few words of wisdom for the winners: Delve into your subject, challenge yourself, and use your experience to land the job of your dreams.

The scholarships were presented by the designator of the scholarship Finn Junge-Jensen, former president of CBS and member of the nomination committee. In his address to the students, Junge-Jensen spoke about the importance of exploring the world, committing to one's education and society and not least - seizing the opportunities and making the most from them.

About The Finn Junge-Jensen Scholarship

The scholarship is CBS' own and was established in the name of former president Finn Junge-Jensen on his 70th birthday in 2014.
The scholarship is worth DKK 100,000 and is distributed annually to students at CBS in two categories: Drive and Talent

CBS students who are taking a period of study abroad and who have made an extraordinary contribution to CBS, e.g. student activities, particularly commendable efforts and special contributions to the promotion of CBS' vision and mission.

Students in one of CBS' talent programmes; CEMS, GLOBE, EngAGE and Maritime, who have demonstrated entrepreneurial skills and have apparent academic talent.

Apply for the scholarship before 1 May next year
Until 1 May, CBS’ International Office will invite for applications and recommend five applicants for each category to a committee consisting of Finn Junge-Jensen (former president), President Per Holten-Andersen and Ole Wiberg, Chairman of the CBS Scholarship Fund. The committee decides how the scholarship is distributed between the nominees.

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