CBS students recognised with talent scholarship


The talent and drive of five CBS students was recently acknowledged by CBS and the Finn Junge-Jensen Scholarship. A common feature for the five scholarship recipients is that they all put in an extraordinary effort.


Finn Junge-Jensen
Photo: The five recipients of the Finn Junge-Jensen Scholarship 2019. From left: Finn Junge-Jensen, Rikke Kjær Damgaard, Amalie Dam Møller, Thomas Hahnemann Jørgensen, Anders Bang-Larsen, Nathalie Berenth Hindkjær.

CBS presents the Finn Junge-Jensen Scholarship, which is worth DKK 100,000, for the fifth year in a row. This year, the scholarship was distributed between five of more than 200 applications from students at CBS. The scholarship is earmarked for travelling, so that the students can improve their skills during a period of study abroad.

Who has the drive and talent at CBS in 2019?
The scholarship recipients can be found within the categories "Drive" and "Talent". They are all students from CBS, who, besides from having international outlook, either have an apparent academic talent combined with entrepreneurial skills, or make an extraordinary effort for the benefit of CBS.

Nathalie Berenth Hindkjær (Globe + FSM) received the largest scholarship of 40,000DKK for Columbia University in New York. The four other students received a scholarship of 15,000DKK: Rikke Kjær Damgaard (IBP) for University of Melbourne, Amalie Dam Møller (IB) for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Thomas Hahnemann Jørgensen (IB) for McGill University in Toronto and Anders Bang-Larsen (CEMS and MIBD) for Universidad Adolfo Ibanez in Chile

Not only were these skilled students acknowledged for being high-performing students but also because they are engaged in other relevant activities. Activities that span from participating in this year's CBS Case Competition to board duties, working in CBS' student associations and find time to be entrepreneurs. “You contribute to the uniqueness and good study environment of CBS,” said Finn Junge-Jensen, designator of the scholarship.  

A motivating scholarship
The recipients were celebrated at a reception with champagne and speeches by former recipients of the scholarship. Proud parents and friends also contributed to making this day special.

”Say yes” was the central message from previous year’s recipients. ”And try a lot of new things”. The others agreed and encouraged the new recipients to challenge themselves professionally and culturally and return with a suitcase full of experiences.

The scholarships were presented by the designator of the scholarship Finn Junge-Jensen, former president of CBS and member of the nomination committee. Finn Junge-Jensen gave a personal motivation for each recipient and thanked them for their great commitment to CBS. He encouraged the students to explore the world, commit to both education and society and not least seize the opportunities and make the most of their studies abroad. 

The Finn Junge-Jensen Scholarship

The scholarship is CBS' own and was established in the name of former president Finn Junge-Jensen on his 70th birthday in 2014.

The scholarship is worth DKK 100,000 and is distributed annually to students at CBS in two categories: Drive and Talent


CBS students who are taking a period of study abroad and who have made an extraordinary contribution to CBS, e.g. student activities, particularly commendable efforts and special contributions to the promotion of CBS' vision and mission.


Students in one of CBS' talent programmes; CEMS, GLOBE, EngAGE and Maritime, who have demonstrated entrepreneurial skills and have apparent academic talent.

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