CBS invests DKK 20 million in more PhD students


CBS will facilitate an extraordinary recruitment of PhD students for DKK 20 million this year. This dedicated effort is made possible by a special grant from the Ministry earmarked for research.


CBS has decided to spend DKK 20 million to increase the enrolment of PhD students. This corresponds to approximately 13 fully funded PhD fellowships. The positions are expected to be advertised before the summer of 2017.

Efforts made for the PhD area are of great importance to CBS. In recent years, the number of research students at CBS dropped from almost 250 to less than 200. Without further investment, the number of PhD students will decrease further in the years to come. Therefore CBS will initiate an extraordinary effort in 2017.

The initiative is funded by the extraordinary grant of DKK 20 million that CBS received from the government at the end of 2016. With the decision to spend the money on PhD students, CBS makes a limited, but extremely necessary effort that also might help to briefly reduce the effect of CBS being allocated relatively few resources for PhD education.

The business community and universities worldwide are eager to work with PhD students from CBS, so they have a high rate of employment. This investment will therefore benefit CBS and Denmark as a whole.

The decision to increase the intake of PhD students follow advice from the Academic Council. Senior Management will specifically get back to questions concerning the balance between recruitment positions and permanent positions in the academic area.

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