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Research and expert commentary by our researchers appear weekly in the Danish and international news media. This list represents a selection of recent news items.


cbs nyhedsmedier

Photo: CBS

Feature article in Børsen on 03.11.16 by Professor Niels Westergård-Nielsen about the financial crisis and the use of monetary vs fiscal policy
"We rely too little on fiscal policy" (in Danish only)

Article in Kristeligt Dagblad on 03.11.16 by Professor Bent Meier Sørensen about parliamentarism and disgust with politicians
"Fed up with politicians and Pia Kjærsgaard’s last hurrah" (in Danish only)

Feature article in Børsen on 01.11.16 by Professor Steen Thomsen on the cashless society
"Say good-bye to cash and zero interest rates" (in Danish only)

Article in Politiken on 27.10.16 by Professor Jan Damsgaard about disruption in marketing
"Marketing is past its sell-by date" (in Danish only)

Feature article in Jyllands-Posten on 08.10.16 by Professor Anker Brink Lund on the book "The History of Danish Foundations" and the significance for society of the Danish “world record” in foundations
"The perseverance of the foundation movement" (in Danish only)

Feature article in Børsen on 29.09.16 by Professor Steen Thomsen about high performance expectations
"Drastically reduce unrealistic performance requirements" (in Danish only)

Video interview and extended article in Berlingske Business on 16.09.16 with Professor Jesper Rangvid about a research project on the tendency of Danish investors to shop locally
Danish investors trade ‘unwisely’” (in Danish only)

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