Book a CBS researcher at the Danish Science Festival

What is the alternative to capitalism, and how can blockchain change society? The Danish Science Festival takes place from 22-29 April, and here you have the opportunity to meet CBS researchers and get a unique insight into their areas of expertise.


Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy
Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy

The Danish Science Festival celebrates the fundamental element of research: curiosity. The festival establishes a meeting point between researchers and the general public. This year, the Science Festival takes place from 22-29 April

Book a Scientist is one of the many programmes during the Science Festival. Here, you have the opportunity to book a wide range of researchers from CBS to talk about their research areas and how research and innovation can contribute to solving societal challenges. You can book a scientist until 30 March.

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Learn about blockchain, artificial intelligence and much more

The events target a wide audience with interest in science and innovation, and dive into current topics which you can read more about below.

Jonas Hedman - Fighting corruption with blockchain?

Corruption is one of the most troubling societal challenges facing businesses today. Meet Professor MSO, Jonas Hedman, and hear how he thinks we can fight corruption with blockchain technology?

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Lara Monticelli - Capitalism, Its Crises and Its Alternatives: Understanding Real Utopias

Join the discussionw when Assistant Professor, Lara Monticelli, goes through the state of contemporary capitalism, its crises and the alternatives.

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Lara Monticelli


Rony Medaglia - Artificial Intelligence in government: A force for good?

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used not only by businesses, but also by governments. Professor MSO, Rony Medaglia goes through some of the ethical dilemmas which can be associated with the use of AI.

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Rony Medaglia

Vera Rocha - Role models in entrepreneurship: Does gender matter?

Women are still disproportionately underrepresented in entrepreneurship. Associate Professor, Vera Rocha, discusses the significance of female role models within the business.

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that's interesting! - Learn about the power of disgust and travel to the fourth age

#thatsinteresting! is a concept arranged by the two postdocs Jannick Friis Christensen and Thomas Burø. The event offers popular science and research communication when, on the last Wednesday of each month in Råhuset on Uncle Danny's Square, two young researchers across different research areas and practices meet.

The Danish Science Festival is no exception: on Wednesday 27 April, you have the opportunity to meet external lecturer at CBS, Christina Berg Johansen, who will talk about time philosophy, alternative time practices and how to train yourself for new times. In addition, Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic, Ph.D. and teacher at KU, will discuss the concept of philosophical reflection and how reflection can help us escape the power of disgust.

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jfcThomas Burø

Find all CBS researchers at the Science Festival

Frank Meier - Hype, håb og håndværk i ledelsen af AI-projekter

Per Østergaard Jacobsen - De ustyrlige kunder i en digital tidsalder   

Jonas Hedman - The future of money: Smart Money   

Mogens Bjerre - Morgensdagens Salg - boost dit salg   

Michael Prehn - Kan Skibsfarten reducere sin klimapåvirkning?   

Quanchen Liu - Effects of Personality on Trading Performance in Social Trading   

Battista Severgnini - The impact of public mechanical clocks on economic growth   

Jan Lemnitzer - Why is ransomware out of control, and what could be done about it?   

John K. Christiansen - Perspektiver på beslutningstagning   

Caroline de la Porte - The European pillar of social rights meets the Nordic model   

Dennis Schoeneborn - The dark side of digital media: How ethically problematic practices are normalized   

Edlira Shehu - Retain Donors by Sharing Past Donation Use: Evidence from Red Cross Blood Donors  

Lisbeth Clausen - Det gode liv – hvad kan vi lære af japanerne og omvendt?   

Karl-Heinz Pogner - The t-shirt is the message: Om identitet og t-shirt-kommunikation 

Alice Pizzo - Behavioral and experimental economics for the climate   

Carsten Humlebæk - Spaniens Corona-ramte økonomi: Hvorfor rammer kriserne Spanien hårdere end resten af Europa?   

Carsten Humlebæk - Er det bare Catalonien, der er gået i selvsving, eller er det hele Spanien?   

Sunny Mosangzi Xu - Do you want to collaborate better with other organizations?   

Robin Steedman - How Africans are transforming online filmmaking: From Netflix to the Kumawood App   

Palle Høy Jakobsen - Tendenser inden for biovidenskabelig innovation og forretning 

Mads Bødker - Lyd i det digitale arbejde   

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