Admission GPAs in 2017


For the majority of CBS' 19 bachelor programmes, GPAs have remained stable in comparison with 2016, with only small changes in the GPAs in general. In cases where there has been change, this is largely due to few applicants – and their GPAs – to the relevant programmes.


CBS had a slight increase this year in applicants accepted in Quota 1, where selection is based solely on GPAs.  This increase in Quota 1 places contributes to the drop in GPAs in a few programmes.

The GPA for BSc in International Business is 12.2 again this year, and the GPA for BSc in International Business and Politics also remains the same at 11.8 this year.

Of all of CBS' programmes, the BA i engelsk og organisationskommunikation (BA in English and Organizational Communication) experienced the largest increase, from 8.5 to 9.1. One likely reason is that the programme is one of the few offering students the opportunity to study a combination of language, communication and organisation.

This year, CBS accepted all applicants meeting the entry requirements into the BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture, however there are no available places left in programme.

Impressive response to new study programme, BSc in European Business
In order to gain admission to CBS' new programme HA i europæisk business (BSc in European Business) via quota 1, applicants need a GPA of 9.3. According to Wilbert van der Meer, Director of Dean's Office, Education, the new study programme has been well received:  

"We develop our programme portfolio continuously, and we are happy to see that the BSc in European Business has been well received by applicants. The programme has attracted a lot more applicants than we had places for, which is one of the reasons why the GPA is 9.3."

Quick Bonus inflates the GPAs
Each year, CBS seeks to accept the most highly qualified and motivated students in both Quotas 1 and 2. Several of CBS' programmes require high GPAs. This is partly due to the so-called Quick Bonus, which multiplies the GPA of students seeking admission into a higher education programme no later than two years after completing the qualifying education by 1.08. In 2016, over 90% of students accepted into CBS with a Danish upper secondary education received the Quick Bonus under this scheme, which helps keep the GPAs at CBS at the high end:

"Here at CBS, we consider the Quick Bonus completely unnecessary, because it artificially inflates the GPAs. There is no reason to rush students towards beginning their studies. As it is now, students tend to begin their studies earlier than they ever have before," explains Wilbert van der Meer.

CBS wants more motivated applications
In quota 2, the applicants' GPAs are only one part of an overall assessment. Most programmes at CBS require a motivational essay as part of the application from Quota 2 students. In the future, even more programmes at CBS will include motivational essays in their evaluation of students in Quota 2, and it carries a lot of weight in the study programmes where it is included:

"We can see that applicants who write motivational essays tend to consider their choice of study programme extra carefully. And that increases the likelihood of a positive study experience," says Anne Mette Hou, Head of Student Affairs.

Any available places?
This year, CBS received 4,983 1st priority applications and had a total of 7,050 applicants for 2,935 study places.

CBS has no available study places. All places have been filled and CBS has had to reject many applicants, including many that were qualified but unfortunately could not be accepted due to the limited number of study places.

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