We can tackle instability and terror by fighting corruption!

Terrorism and insecurity are caused and perpetuated by widespread corruption. Transparency International Denmark invites you to an exciting afternoon at Copenhagen Business School with two distinguished speakers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 17:00 to 19:00

There is a high correlation between terrorism, instability and corruption. Countries like Afghanistan, Ukraine and Nigeria are clear examples of this. The widespread corruption in the Iraqi arm has given room for IS. Boko Haram’s success in Nigeria can be partly attributed to an army that is riddled with corruption.

Transparency International Denmark marks our 20th anniversary and annual general assembly by inviting you to an afternoon where two experienced speakers will lead us in to a very timely discussion about corruption, instability and terrorism. We have invited researcher and director Mark Pyman, who leads TI’s global work on security and defence, who will give us his insights from ten years of experience in relation to terrorism, instability and corruption. We have also invited Colonel Flemming Agerskov, the former chief of ISAF’s anti-corruption organisation in Afghanistan, and now head of Denmark’s Southern Command, who will talk about his experience of the connection between corruption and security.

The debate starts at 17:00. After the debate, we invite you for a snack and a glass of wine, and at 7.00 pm we continue with our Annual General Meeting.


Reserve your ticket via Eventbrite, it is free for members and costs 50 kr. for non-members. Upon presentation of your ticket at the door, non-members will asked to pay 50 kr. at the door or beforehand via bank-transfer or MobilePay.
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If you plan to stay for the AGM, please send an email to klund@transparency.dk


The debate will be held in English, whereas the AGM will be conducted in Danish.

The speakers

Mark Pyman is the director of TI’s global Defence and Security Programme, which is based at Transparency International UK in London. His programme works with the ministries of defense, national armed forces, defense companies, NATO, the UN and others in the fight against corruption. He has previously been a Chief Financial Officer at the oil company Shell in countries around the world, and closely engaged in the company's anti-corruption program.

Colonel Flemming Agerskov, current Commander of Regional Command South, previously headed the 50 employees in NATO's special anti-corruption unit in Afghanistan and attracted several headlines in 2013 with his announcement that Denmark lost 170 million crowns from Afghanistan's development assistance to corruption and incompetence."

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