CBS’ three interdisciplinary research platforms join CPH:DOX’ Science Programme

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 21:30 to 22:15

The Hunt for Planet B

CBS is content partner to the international documentary festival CPH:DOX this year. Our researchers are ready for the opening panel debate on 22 April and several other panels to discuss how research can contribute to the solution of grand societal challenges such as inequality, technological development and diversity. The three academic directors from the platforms Digital Transformations, Diversity and Difference and Inequality will all join the programme.

‘Solutions’ is the title of the brand-new documentary opening the science programme – a group of scientists are gathered in the Nevada Desert to discuss global crisis and challenges. ‘Do we need an alien invasion to stand together and solve these urgent problems?’, one of them asks. ‘Yes, or a pandemic’, another one replies. And now, here we are one year later – in the middle of a pandemic!
On the panel for this premiere are Mikkel Flyverbom, CBS Professor mso of Digital Transformations, Birthe Larsen, CBS Economist, Vincent Hendricks, Philosopher, and Anja C. Andersen, Astronomer and Astrophysicist.

· SOLUTIONS: 22/4 kl. 21:30. Debate duration: 45 mins. Language: English.

The programme also includes Sara Louise Muhr, Professor (mso) in the panel debate following the screening of ’The Hunt for Planet B’ – with a focus on the gender inequality which, unfortunately, is still deeply entrenched in academia.

· THE HUNT FOR PLANET B: 2/5, 20:00. Debate duration: 45 mins. Moderator: Tina Ibsen (Podcast host 'Rumsnak')

Mikkel Flyverbom is also to be found again in the livestreaming from Politikens Pressen about the documentary ‘The Brain’ – this time together with the leading neuro-scientist from the movie, Christof Koch, and the Danish science journalist Lone Frank – in a discussion about artificial intelligence ethics and much more!

· THE BRAIN: 27/4, 20:30. Debate duration: 45 mins. Language: English. Moderator: Lasse Foghsgaard (Politiken)

See the full CPH:DOX programme

Phototext: From The Hunt for Planet B

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