Behavioural investing: Uncovering hidden limitations and biases

Want to be a better investor? Powered by scholars and practitioners, this event helps you discover biases, behaviour patterns and new possibilities.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 - 16:30 to 18:30


behavioural investing

Investing both personally and professionally allows us to grow our funds and expand our knowledge of economic markets, trends and tendencies. But are we successfully exploring the full potential and benefits of investing? Or is there something holding us back – knowingly or unknowingly? Inspired by the field of behavioural finance, this event will be uncovering the hidden biases within both professional and personal investing. Get insights into the psychology of investing and how decision-making, risk and rationality shape our strategies for building portfolios and buying stocks.

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Speakers: CBS Associate Professor in Applied Microeconomics Jimmy Martinez-Correa & Principal Analyst at Danske Bank Jacob Hvidberg Falkencrone

Dato: 1. marts 2023

Tid og sted: CBS Dalgas Have fra 16:30 til 18:30

Arrangør: CBS Management Programmes

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