Teaching Sustainability without losing hope

April 18, at 10.15-11.15, CBS Kilen Atrium,

Universities play a vital role in society, especially during times of crises. With challenges such as the climate crisis, migration, economic decline, pandemics, and conflicts, the need for proven knowledge and expertise is paramount. However, there is also a growing concern of autocratic ideologies that question scientific findings and erode trust in institutions and democratic governance.
As two universities located in the transnational region of Öresund, how can we adapt our teaching to effectively educate our students in this changing landscape? What can we learn from each other and collaborate on to improve our teaching methods? What do our students aspire to gain from their studies, and how can we work towards fulfilling those aspirations? As educators, how can we inspire hope for the future in our students and contribute to spreading hope among today's and tomorrow's generation? These are important questions that require thoughtful consideration and innovative approaches from the academic community.


  • Henner Busch, Associate Professor, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies
  • Devrim Umut Aslan, Teaching staff, Department of Service Studies, Lund University
  • Isabel Froes, Assistant Professor in Urban studies and sustainability, CBS
  • Kirsti Reitan Andersen, Postdoc at Department of Management, Society and Communication, CBS
  • Ines Hämäläinen, MA Student, Modevetenskab, Lund University
  • Eda Abedin, Student at Lund University International Master in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, Lund University
  • Melissa Kälin, MSc Supply Change Management, CBS, President at oikos Copenhagen
  • Frederik Damsgaard, MSc International Business and Politics, Chairman at CBS Students

The Session will be moderated by Michele Acciaro, Associate Professor, CBS


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