The social life

When you start studying at CBS, you will meet a lot of new people. You will become a part of social communities at campus and academic communities in your studies and across programmes. Be open to the opportunities.

We got you

At CBS we want you to be a part of the campus communities. We know that it is important for you to get off to a good start, and we know from our students that social communities play an important role in the good student life. Therefore, you will meet current students as tutors in the first few days. They will make sure that you get to know campus and your fellow students in a safe environment. There will be many activities so that you can get an introduction to the subjects and teaching, as well as the social life on campus.

Social communities on campus

At CBS, there are several opportunities to become part of the social life on campus. If you settle down in the student café you will definitely meet other students from other fields of study. Here you can play a board game over a flat white or even join bingo evening.

You can also become a member of one of the more than 130 student associations at CBS. You can surely find one that matches your interests, for instance:

  • Paddle tennis, cycling and yoga 
  • Sustainability, climate and literature 
  • Creation, art and choir 

And if you have a hobby that you would like to share with others, there is also ample opportunity for you to start your own student union.
If you would like to have a more direct influence on the daily life of your studies, you can go into student politics at CBS or join the study board of your programme. Here there are committees focusing on well-being and quality of education. Some programmes also have their own club, where you can help arrange social activities and parties for your fellow students. You can get a network by becoming a study start coordinator or guide and help onboard new students. Or you can join the CBS Case Competition each year. There are many possibilities.

Be courageous and reach out 

Communities are important, both when you hang out with your fellow students on campus and when you work in groups or in your class. CBS classes can be big with many students. Often you will not know that many people in your class.  Probably, you won't know your teacher as well as you did in your Upper Secondary School. 

In group work, you also have a responsibility to ensure that together you reach the goal and get the result you want in the group. Either way, you have to be courageous and reach out for the opportunities CBS hold.

Professional communities at CBS

In some courses, the teacher puts you together with other students in a group. It can be both for presentations in class, or when you have to write an exam paper together. In other subjects, you yourself have to find students to form a group with. There are great advantages in finding students with whom you share interests when forming groups. It's not always the best idea to create groups with your best friends.

There are also many students who create voluntary study groups during the semester or the exam period. You can use the group for sharing knowledge and to solve tasks together. You can also choose to work alone if you feel best about it in the courses where groups have not been set up by the teacher.

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