Urban Challenge programme

The Urban Challenge Programme is where academic institutions, municipalities, and corporations converge and cooperate to address urgent challenges and sustainability issues across urban settings.

As an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional, cross-cultural higher education programme, the Urban Challenge Programme facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas for urban sustainability across cities and countries. Each programme is structured as a 7.5 ECTS accredited, project-based intensive and comparative exchange course in Copenhagen and one of our five partner cities - Aalto University, University of Edinburgh, HafenCity Universität of Latvia and Sapienza Universitá di Roma. We offer the five following courses in the Spring and Fall 2018:

Edinburgh - Copenhagen Urban Challenge Examine carbon policies and CO2 emission reduction in relationship with financial investment decisions, presented in a teaching case by the Ecological Sequestration Trust. Their model will be deployed as a case in both Edinburgh and Copenhagen.

Edinburgh: May 28th – June 1st, 2018
Copenhagen: June 4th – June 8th, 2018
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Riga - Copenhagen Urban Challenge Deliver a comparative study of the preservation of historic buildings and retrofitting of publicly-owned buildings in compliance with green building standards. Analyse trends in city centre buildings with partner company Kalnciema Quarter (BC Manufaktura).

Riga: April 16th – April 21st, 2018
Copenhagen: April 30th – May 5th, 2018
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Hamburg - Copenhagen Urban Challenge Conduct a comparative study of the development of de-industrialised harbour areas and waterfronts of HafenCity in Hamburg and Nordhavnen in Copenhagen. The partner company Rambøll will share insights and experiences as leading engineering and design consultancy. 

Hamburg: August 6th – August 15th, 2018
Copenhagen: August 16th – August 24th, 2018
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Helsinki - Copenhagen Urban Challenge Conduct a comparative examination of user and marketing studies with mobile info service Enterlot Info Service (EIS), in collaboration with Aalto University. Danish partner company IBM, Denmark will share insights on big data and smarter cities.

Copenhagen: August 13th – August 23th, 2018
Helsinki: August 23th – September 1st, 2018
Application as with all other electives in spring 2018 at MY CBS under the title "electives at CBS"

Rome - Copenhagen Urban Challenge Undertake a comparative study of urban farming in Rome and Copenhagen in collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome. The Danish SME Urgent.Agency is the case company in this urban challenge.

Rome: July 23rd – August 3rd, 2018
Copenhagen: August 20th – August 31st, 2018
Application as with all other electives in spring 2018 at MY CBS under the title "electives at CBS"

All Urban Challenge courses are offered in the spring and fall 2018. Graduate students are invited to apply. The exact deadlines for registration can be found on MY CBS. The registration period for the autumn semester will typically be in the beginning of April and for the spring semester it will be in October. If you missed the first application round or did not get into the amount of courses you need, you can apply again during the second round.

As a CBS-student you can only sign up for electives through the Online Student Service.

Each participant will receive a stipend of 275 euros covering a portion of travel arrangements, including flights and accommodation. Opportunities for additional study grants are also available at www.legater.info/rejselegater, www.studierejser.dk, or www.legatmidler.dk.

For more information please see our website http://www.urbanchallengealliance.com or contact Project Manager Isabel Fróes at ifr.msc@cbs.dk, Phone. +45 3815 3227.

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