Single courses and electives

CBS offers a wide range of single courses. All single courses are also offered as electives for students in CBS’ full-time bachelor and master programmes. 

The courses are offered in the autumn and spring, respectively. You will find the most courses in the autumn since this is when CBS students are taking their electives. You can see when each course is offered on the lists of all courses.

Single courses and electives

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In addition to single courses, CBS offers minors, which is a complete package of courses within a specific academic area. 

Read more about Minors.

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Student at CBS?

If you are a student in a bachelor or master programme at CBS, you can read much more about taking electives as a part of your programme on Electives and minors at

Here you will also find a list of the courses and minors that have been approved by your study programme and that you can take as a part of your programme.

Other options

CBS also offers single courses at HD and Summer University. 

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How to register depends on whether you want to take a single course, a supplementary course or a course as a part of a full-time programme.

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