Arrival and Social Programmes

ISUP is much more than a high-level academic level programme. It also offers an exciting social programme and many other services to give students a great introduction to CBS and experience in Copenhagen


Social programme

Friends for life
Friends for life
ISUP social event - folk dances
ISUP social event - folk dancing
ISUP sightseeing trip
ISUP sightseeing trip
Enjoying together
Enjoying together ISUP
Getting together
Getting together

Arrival Service

ISUP offers an arrival service from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on 19 June 2021. We will rent a location at a hotel at the airport where you will receive your CBS Housing key, you will get assisted transport to the dormitories, and will receive a big warm welcome from the ISUP crew. You will receive an email around May with more information.

Late arrival

Please contact our Arrival Coordinator if you arrive earlier or later than 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on 19 June 2021, and if you need to receive a key to your CBS accommodation.

Social Programme

The ISUP Social Programme is an interesting cultural and social programme, specially targeted at international students participating in ISUP. The programme aim to ease and introduce international participants to each other, Copenhagen and the Danish culture through specially arranged activities such as guided city tours around Copenhagen, Danish folk-dancing, comedy night, as well as a weekend trip around Denmark. 

The Social Programme Coordinators will send all international students, enroled at ISUP, an email with detailed information in TBA. Please contact our Social Programme Coordinators for further information.

How to purchase the ISUP Social Programme

Each element of the ISUP Social Programme can exclusively be purchased through the CBS Webshop where they will be available for sale in the beginning of June. Please note that the ISUP Social Programme is a package deal and the individual events cannot be bought individually, however, the weekend trip around Denmark is sold separately. You will receive an email when the sales open including the promotion material.

Prices for 2021 TBA. In 2019 the price of the social package was DKK 700, and the price for the weekend trip around Denmark was DKK 1,695. The social package and the Tour of Denmark will be available for purchase on

Welcome Day

ISUP Social Programme Coordinators have arranged a Welcome Day 20 June 2021 for all international students with an introduction by the director of CBS International Office.

Location: TBA

For those students who have signed up and paid for the Social Programme package the day will end with the Welcome Dinner starting at approximately 5.30 pm at TBA followed by a Welcome Party. If you have any questions regarding the social programme, please forward those to the Social Programme Coordinators

The program for the Welcome Day 2021: TBA

Join the event on Facebook: TBA

Sightseeing and canal tour

The ISUP Social Programme Coordinators have arranged for a all students a guide sightseeing tour around the city center of Copenhagen on TBA. Meeting place is Kongens Nytorv in front of the Metro station and Magasin department store.

The Sightseeing Tour is free for all students. For those students who have signed up and paid for the Social Programme package the Sightseeing Tour is followed by a Canal Tour around the canals of Copenhagen.

Introduction Meeting

During the Introduction meeting you will get important information about different aspects of ISUP.

Location: TBA
Date: 21 June 2021
Time: TBA - followed by a Campus Tour organised by the Social Programme Coordinators

The Introduction meeting will include information about:

  • Studying in Denmark and at CBS
  • Courses and exams, incl. timetable, active participation, Online Student Service system, CBS Learn, supplementary courses, payment issues, preliminary and feedback assignments, exam rules, de-registration from the exam, Danish grading scale, transcripts, library and study rooms etc.
  • Student to Student: Current CBS student will share tips and tricks about living and studying in Copenhagen
  • Q&A
  • Housing: Practical information for students who live in accommodation reserved through the CBS Housing online application system or in private housing

Join the event on Facebook: TBA

Copenhagen is a city of bikes and adventure
Copenhagen is a journey between tradition and modernity
Summer in Copenhagen is definitely worth considering when the city is Copenhagen where the streets are filled with sidewalk cafés and the midnight sky is never darker than a deep blue. You can walk the winding streets of the old city centre or see it from a canal boat. Visit the 175-year old amusement park Tivoli Gardens, the statues of the Little Mermaid and H.C. Andersen, the freetown of Christiania and Amalienborg - home to the royal family. Copenhagen is also a city of innovation, modern architecture and design. Experience prominent Danish designers, such as Georg Jensen, Hans J. Wegner, Finn Juhl and Arne Jacobsen. Start your visit at the city of Copenhagen's website. You may also find interesting things to see and do in this article from Copenhagen Business School's university newspaper WIRE.

Copenhagen boasts good work life balance and relaxed atmosphere
Copenhagen is a bustling city full of ambitious professionals and young families. Yet working long hours here is frowned upon. Just 2% of employees in Copenhagen work 40 hours a week or more, according to an OECD report, freeing them up to spend time with family, join organized sports, volunteer or participate in other community programmes. The cost to participate in those programmes, which range from laughter yoga in the park to basket weaving? Free. This helps encourage residents to get involved.

Their ability to balance work with quality time with friends and family not only keeps their stress levels down, it gives them a happiness boost. Studies show that people who focus on experiences versus things have higher levels of satisfaction long after the moment has passed.

Other things play into Copenhagen's relaxed atmosphere. Residents walk to restaurants and walk to get groceries. There are outdoor food markets with fresh produce and vegetables within a few blocks of most spots in the city.

Copenhagen is a city of bicycles
Men cycle to work in their slim-fit suits, and women don’t shy away from pairing a bike helmet with their sundresses and wedge heels. The city has around 390 kilometers of bike paths, which makes biking an easy and safe option. And people use them: Nearly half of commuters in Copenhagen travel to work or school by bike each day.

You can read more about the biking culture in Denmark and Copenhagen on the official website of Denmark

Supportive society in Copenhagen
Here’s one more stat that may make you want to start packing your bags for Denmark: 96% of residents in Copenhagen say they can count on someone if they are in need. This supportive society is just another reason Copenhagen earns a spot as one of the healthiest (and happiest) cities.

Read more about Copenhagen for summer schoolers in this article from CBS Wire - CBS's independent university newspaper.

Denmark is home to the happiest people in the world
Denmark: Happiest nation in the world (2016)
Denmark has taken the top spot as the happiest nation in the United Nation's World Happiness Report multiple times, latest in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Denmark came in first place as the happiest country in the world in the 2016 happiness report and one of the happiest places in Denmark must surely be Tivoli Gardens. One of the world's oldest amusement parks, Tivoli Gardens is open to throngs of native and foreign visitors. If a calmer Copenhagen is more your preference, visit the King's Garden at Rosenborg Castle, a popular spot for locals to picnic during the summertime.

So, why not travel to one of the happiest countries with an open mind and a loving heart, and pick up on that Danish spirit of "hygge," which is sometimes translated too simply as the Danish need for "cosiness." It's really a more complex sense of intimacy, community and contentment that generally happens with friends and family.

What is Denmark also famous for?

Did you know…

  • Denmark is the oldest Monarchy in the world
  • The little mermaid statue is located in Copenhagen
  • The Vikings originated from Denmark (well Scandinavia to be fair)

Danish companies

  • Maersk (shipping, oil, etc.)
  • Carlsberg (brewery)
  • LEGO (toys)
  • Novo Nordisk (pharmaceutical)
  • NOMA (4 times awarded world's best restaurant by 'The World's 50 Best Restaurants')
  • Vestas (wind turbines)
  • Bang & Olufsen - B&O (manufacture of audio systems and television sets)
  • BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group (architecture)
  • Arla Foods (producer of dairy products)

Famous people (contemporary)

  • Michael Laudrup, (former football player; Juventus, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Ajax, etc.)
  • Nicolai Coster Waldau (actor)
  • Mads Mikkelsen (actor)
  • Anders Fogh Rasmussen (former Secretary General of NATO)
  • Lars Von Trier (film director)
  • Lars Ulrich (drummer in Metallica)
  • Caroline Wozniacki (tennis player and former World’s number 1)
  • Helena Christensen (supermodel)
  • Thomas Bjørn (golfer)
  • Susanne Bier (film director)
  • Tom Kristensen (race car driver)
  • Viggo Mortensen (actor “Lord of the Rings”, etc.)
  • Peter Schmeichel (former football player (Goalkeeper) for Manchester United)
  • Bjarke Ingels (architect, known for buildings like; VM Houses, The Mountain, ARC - Amager Resource Center, LEGO House, etc.)
  • Rene Redzepi (chef and co-founder of NOMA)

Famous people (historical)

  • Hans Christian Andersen (fairy tale writer)
  • Søren Kierkegaard (philosopher and the father of existentialism).
  • Niels Bohr (physicist and Nobel Prize winner)
  • H.C Ørsted (he discovered aluminium)
  • Tycho Brahe (astronomer)
  • Karen Blixen (author of “Out of Africa” and better know under her pen-name Isak Dinesen)
  • Piet Hein (mathematician, inventor, designer, author, and poet)
  • Georg Jensen (Silversmith)
  • Arne Jacobesen (architect and designer, known for chairs like the Drop, the Egg and the Swan, and for the SAS Royal Hotel, where the aforementioned chairs are designed for)
  • Henning Larsen (architect, known for the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry in Riyadh and also for the Dalgas Have campus of CBS)
  • Jørn Utzon (architect and known for the Sydney Opera House)


  • Danish pastry called “Wienerbrød” or directly translated into English “Vienna Bread”
  • Dairy products
  • Interior design (furniture)
  • Smørrebrød - open faced sandwich
  • The New Danish Cuisine (a component of the New Nordic Cuisine)


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