CBS Housing Department offers housing for our international students and professors during the programme


ISUP Dorms

Porcelænshaven Dormitory - Located directly on campus
Porcelaenshaven Exterior
Tietgen Kollegiet - Located on Amager in the southern part Copenhagen
Tietgen Exterior
Kongens Tværvej - Located in an old villa close to CBS campus
Kongens Tvaervej Exterior

International Students

The CBS Housing Department offers accommodation for international students during ISUP. For further information please contact CBS Housing Department.

Application and prices

You can find further information on the CBS Housing Department's homepage.
Prices as of 2022 for the 6 week period: DKK 8,500-13,500 (depends on room size, single or shared double room).

Please contact CBS Housing Department if you have further questions.

Accommodation period

Moving in date: 24 June 2022 at noon the earliest
Moving out date: 7 August 2022 at noon the latest

International Faculty Members
CBS Housing Department can help ISUP faculty members to find housing.
Please contact: or call 0045 3815 3006.


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