Strategy, Organisation and Leadership


What gets you the job?

You will learn to see the big picture, navigate complexity and to approach  problems from many different perspectives.

The SOL programme provides you  with the following competences/skills:

  • Skills for dealing with complex and ambiguous organisational problems and situations
  • Skills for redesigning, changing and improving the strategic and organisational resources for leadership
  • A basis for creatively constructing, communicating and pursuing strategic vision
  • Theoretical skills for positioning phenomena within relevant theories in organisations, strategy and leadership

These qualifications are applicable and relevant in a host of general management , consulting and research jobs. You will have analytical and hands-on insights that allow you to strategically engage in, facilitate and cultivate organisational change.

Career opportunities

Students often find employment in public or private organisations, industry or consulting. They work within areas such as analysis, project management, executive assistance, operations, HRM, trainee, consulting and organisational change.

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:

PDF iconCompetence profile for SOL

PDF iconCompetence profile for MSc EBA

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