MSocSc Public Management and Social Development


What gets you the job?

The programme will give you a sound understanding of how welfare models of China and Europe have been constructed in the past, and how innovation can help develop new models to face the new societal challenges. Aside from this more technical and political insight, you will also gain an understanding of Chinese culture and society that goes very deep. This unique combination of skill and insight will be your key selling point when approaching future public or private employers who are interested in doing business in or with China.

Students who enter the programme come from a great variety of academic backgrounds, and this will also reflect on the competencies they get from participating.

Career opportunities

An alumni association for the programme will be created. It will be a tightly-knit group of people concerned with the same issues that in time it will become a strong alumni network which will be a career advantage.

Graduates will have in-depth knowledge of  China and the EU from both an academic, a cultural and a personal point of view. They will be able to identify problems in this cross-field and, using social science methods combined with analysis and information retrieval tools, they will be able to create innovative solutions. In addition to this, graduates will have hands-on experience with Chinese language and culture, and with intercultural cooperation.

It is not yet possible to predict exactly where graduates will find career paths. However, you will be qualified to work with project management, strategic, operational and policy development in public organisations, NGOs and private companies concerned with welfare reforms, social development and national business system issues. The global perspective of PMSD opens up a wide range of possibilities, and the immersion in Chinese society enables you to assist the many companies that currently flow into China.

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:  Academic profile for PMSD

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