Strategic Market Creation



What gets you the job?

As a SMC graduate you are trained in identifying new ideas and trends, and you have the tools to develop them and turn them in to business opportunities and development projects. These skills will allow you to manage projects and processes when a company needs to adapt their product/service portfolio and communication to current market developments.

You will get a creative mindset and learn to use tools for driving innovation processes,  as for exsample how to co-create new ideas, how to design a business model to support them, and how to use your knowledge to drive company development and strategy.

You creative and analytical mindset, your ability to understand how innovation works, and your skills in managing projects and processes are the top three competencies you bring to a potential employer.

Career opportunities

A graduate will be able to consult, analsze and manage within both national and international businesses. This could for instance be as a product innovation manager, where you would be in charge of the continued development of an existing product, or lead the development of new products.

Many graduates also find themselves in general business development. Here you could for instance be working with redesigning the business model of the company, or you could make research in identifying the right product and marketing strategy in preparation of the company’s entry into a new market.

Some students find work in consultancies as project managers, where you could help companies in identifying and overcoming various problems. This could for instance be a project to improve their use of marketing channels in their brand and communication strategy or leading processes of change and product innovation.

The entrepreneurial and innovative nature of SMC graduates sometimes also lead to self-employment and starting up a new company.

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:

PDF iconCompetence profile for SMC

PDF iconCompetence profile for MSc EBA

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