MSc in Business, Language and Culture - Diversity and Change Management

Diversity and Change Management gives you knowledge about work in dynamic organisations in a global environment characterised by diversity, strategic complexity, and constant change. In this concentration you will also advance your oral competences in one other language (French, German or Spanish) as well as work explicitly with your academic writing in English.

Diversity and Change Management

The complexity of modern organisations stems in large part from globalisation and diversity. This is at the very core of this programme that addresses diversity and change in complex organizations.

This concentration teaches you to manage and work with diversity as a concept overarching any activity of a modern organisation. On the basis of your knowledge within diversity, you are taught how to deal with different diversity issues that prove to be a challenge for modern organisations. It may be in the form of a multicultural workforce or a complex environment. You also gain management and leadership skills as a tool to handle diversity in an organisational context. This includes work in diverse teams, management of challenging projects and managing organisational change. Throughout the courses you will apply your knowledge on live cases, cases, games and projects.

Understanding complexity and change

Due to the complexity of modern organisations, this concentration focuses on the management of diverse workforces and complex and diverse tasks, both inside and outside the organisation. This includes understanding local contexts and incorporating that knowledge internally in the organisation. An example is managing cultural complexity internally in the organisation, which stems from employing people with different nationalities.

Diversity and Change Management also prepares you to participate in leading, managing and organising activities in local cultural contexts on the basis of your cultural knowledge and project management skills. You learn to understand and gain knowledge from local contexts as well as to incorporate that knowledge internally in the organisation.

Language and culture

Next to your management courses you will explore and gain general knowledge within area studies while speaking your second foreign language. You will learn about political, cultural and social issues in the area where the language is spoken as well as gain knowledge on leadership and management in a regional context. This will enable you to operate in an international setting while taking different cultural and international differences into account. In this manner you add an extra and highly relevant perspective to the leadership and management practice and your cultural knowledge.


Diversity and Change Management is a two-year master programme divided into four semesters. The autumn semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

First and second semester consist of mandatory courses, the third semester of elective courses and the fourth semester completes the programme with a master thesis.

Additional options

You have the opportunity to apply for a period of study abroad for a semester at one of CBS’ partner universities

You can choose to make an internship part of your degree (you can get up to  30 ECTS).The internship must have an international or intercultural scope. This can be fulfilled by the location of the organisation where the internship is conducted or by the nature of the job the intern does during the internship. When doing an internship you get the opportunity to relate theory to practice and reflect on the academic training you receive at CBS in a practical setting.

When studying Diversity and Change Management, you can apply to the CEMS MIM programme, which is a double degree in International Management. It provides you with both the MSc degree and the CEMS in International Management degree.

Double degree with Queens University  
CBS and Queen’s University Smith of Business in Ontario, Canada, have signed a double degree agreement exclusively for the Diversity and Change Management concentration.
If you choose the Diversity and Change Management concentration, it will be possible to study at the Smith School of Business for one year after having completed your first year at CBS and thus obtain a degree from both universities.

Course overview

1. Semester 2. Semester 3. Semester 4. Semester
Diversity Management - Diversity, Gender and Equality in Organizations (7,5 ECTS) Managing Organizational Change: Perspectives on Theory and Practice (7,5 ECTS)

Electives / Internship / Exchange (30 ECTS)







Master's thesis (30 ECTS)







Managing in Global Workplaces (7,5 ECTS) Leading Complex Organisations (7,5 ECTS)
Organizational Change (7,5 ECTS) Regional track course* (7,5 ECTS)
Leading and Managing Intercultural Projects (7,5 ECTS) Regional track course* (7,5 ECTS)

*Regional track courses

Regional track courses

Students must choose 1 of these courses.

  • New Frontiers or More of the Same: Understanding Innovation in Asian Emerging Economies
  • Leading and Managing in Latin America
  • Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Borders
  • The EU as a Global Actor
  • Africa, Global Value Chains and Development


Regional track courses with language

Students must do 1 of these courses according to their choice of area study.


  • Business and Social Responsibility in Francophone Countries (French)
  • Business in a Changing World: German Perspectives (German)
  • Business Strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish)
  • Institutions and Business Strategy in the Chinese Context (Chinese and Japanese - taught in English)

You can find course descriptions in the programme regulations for Diversity and Change Management.

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