Meet Ana, a student from Master in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

Why did I choose my programme (and CBS)?
I studied a bachelor's in Business and Service Administration at CBS, focusing on the Tourism & Hospitality branch. I highly enjoyed the way of teaching at CBS and how the system truly allows you to learn and understand theories to navigate real business scenarios. I chose this programme because it ticked all the boxes for me - it focuses on updated topics in the industry, providing you with key abilities needed in today's workforce, but it was also a 1-year programme, which I thought would be great.

What do I like the best?
The small size of the class is great! It allows you to get to know everyone around you, as well as the teachers, which is a unique opportunity to learn in a great environment. The fact that a lot of the exams are group based is also something I really like, as it provides a chance to understand other people's perspectives while allowing you to manage group work and collaboration. Being a tourism programme, there's also quite some diversity in the group, so getting to know people from other countries and cultures is great.

How do I experience the difference in academic level between my bachelor and master programme?
Having done my bachelor's at CBS and now studying a master's, I can definitely say that the experience of the master's is turning out to be great! Personally, I feel that everything we are learning in the master's programme is much more applied to real-life scenarios, allowing us to learn from business cases and put the knowledge acquired into practice. I would say it requires more effort than a bachelor programme, but it's definitely worth it, as the learnings are key.

What are the biggest challenges in my programme?
The programme has some courses which focus on the current needs of the industry, such as quantitative research methods and big data. These courses require extra dedication, as for most of the people taking them they are new areas. Nonetheless, the teachers are always available for office hours to help with any questions, which is highly appreciated when you struggle with certain areas or have specific questions.

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?
When I applied to the programme, I was extremely excited to be able to be part of such a new master's. If I was applying again, I would've liked to know that we'd be such a small group because I believe it makes a great difference when you're able to know your teachers, understand everyone's situation and be able to work in an environment where everything is quite personal. Knowing that I'd acquire practical skills to the level we are would've also been great, as it was something I wasn't quite expecting to this degree.

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?
I've been working in the tourism industry for almost two years, although I've known for a long time that this is what I wanted to do. Having been part of the Master in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management has helped me further confirm this, allowing me to discover that I'm interested in more analytical aspects of the industry. This is something I hope to be able to pursue once I graduate, bringing value to organisations in the tourism industry with the skills the programme has taught us.

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…
I would tell myself to take it easy, to enjoy the time you have during the programme! It is quite short, and time flies, so make sure to use every opportunity you are given. Whether it's networking with board organisations, joining social activities with the class or going to some of the organised activities by the teachers, a one-year programme goes by very quickly so maximise every chance you get.

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