Former CBS students

Find out how to request confirmation of enrolment, third party verifications and where to find information about re-enrolment opportunities.



Are you a former or a current student at CBS and do you want to have a verified transcript or confirmation of enrolment? You need to write an email from your CBS e-mail account to

If you no longer have access to your CBS e-mail account, but want verified transcript you also need to write to – however, we can only send you your verified transcript via regular mail/post.

If you write to you must include the following in the email:

  • Full name (Please mention if you have changed your name(s) since your time at CBS)
  • Date of birth
  • The study programme in question and the year of your enrolment
  • Whether you need the documentation in Danish or English
  • Your current postal address if you do not have access to your CBS email account

It can normally take up to 14 days to get a reply from, though in busy periods longer response time may occur.

If your diploma is lost or destroyed

If your diploma is lost or destroyed and you would like to have a replacement diploma, please write to if it concerns your bachelor diploma, and if it concerns your graduate diploma.

Please note that it may take up to eight weeks to receive a replacement diploma; please see above under “Confirmations” if you need a verified grade transcript in the meantime.

Employers or other third parties

If you, as an employer or another third party, want to receive verification that a student has finished a graduate degree at CBS, you should write to Please note that we can only confirm or deny that the person in question has completed their degree. We cannot give out other information about the student or the degree to employers or third parties.

Re-enrolment or transfering to CBS

Have you previously been enrolled as a student in one of our programmes at CBS, which you did not graduate from, and want to know more about the possibilities of being re-enrolled in the same programme? You can read more about the procedure for re-enrolment.

If you have already passed a considerable amount of courses as part of a degree programme at CBS or at another university and want to apply for admission to a new programme at CBS, you can apply to transfer.

Any questions about re-enrolment or transfering can be directed to

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