Applicants with a bachelor's degree from CBS

Contact information for applicants who have completed, or are currently enrolled in, a bachelor’s degree programme at CBS.



Please find more information on Covid-19 effects on the 2020 admission round here and on the 2020 autumn semester here.


The 2020 summer application round for admission to all Master’s programmes at CBS with expected study start in September 2020, is now closed. CBS Admissions does not accept late applications for admission and will not be opening a late/second application round in 2020. The next application round is the winter application round for admission to the MSc in Business Administration and E-Business with expected study start in February 2021.


All Group 1 applicants (except applicants to the MSocSc in Public Management and Social Development, taught in China) will receive an answer to their application on June 10 2020.

It is perfectly normal not to hear from CBS Admissions until the answer date. However, CBS Admissions may need your assistance with the processing of your application. If additional explanation to existing information or documentation is needed, CBS Admissions will request it through the Application Portal. You will be granted a maximum of 7 days to provide it – please make sure to check your e-mail and your application in the Portal on a regular basis. Outside of a direct request by CBS Admissions, is not possible for you to add additional documentation or information after the application deadline. It is also not possible to make changes to your application or change your order of priorities after the deadline.

If you make a commitment to another university while you wait for our answer, please cancel your application to CBS immediately, in order to give another applicant a chance.



… make sure you have carefully read the detailed and exhaustive information relating to graduate admission on 

The graduate admission website is correct, regularly updated and contains all the information you need before, during and after you apply for admission to a graduate programme at CBS. This includes entry requirements and selection criteria, advance assessments, application deadlines as well as information about relevant documentation. It is extremely important that you have a thorough understanding of the admission and application procedure. If you have follow-up questions to or need clarification of the information available on, you are welcome to visit the Student Hub and ask. Please note that Admissions Officers are not available in the Hub or for personal appointments.

As a CBS student, you have the opportunity to hear more about graduate admission at a variety of admission events as well as participate in the annual open day for graduate programmes at CBS. Please note that Admissions Officers are often present at these events but are not available for personal appointments and that it is not possible to receive personalized assessment at the event.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with information relating to graduate admission on before you attend admission events and open days.


Do you have questions about your application in the Application Portal?


If you have specific and concrete questions regarding your application, you are welcome to e-mail us again at from the same e-mail address you have indicated in the Application Portal.

Make sure to write “My Application” in the subject line of your e-mail and to include your name and your application ID number in the body of the e-mail (if you have submitted your application).

The application ID number will help us locate your application in the Application Portal and help you faster. It can be found on your receipt from the Application Portal, in the top right hand corner.


If you have questions about logging in to your application in the Application Portal, contact IT Support at for further assistance.

Are you considering applying for admission in the future?

Are you thinking about applying for admission in 2020, 2021 or perhaps later?

You are welcome to contact us between September 1 and the application deadline at Please make sure to write “Information” in the subject line of your e-mail. If you write us before September 1, your e-mail will not be answered.

While you wait, please spend some time reviewing the detailed and exhaustive information relating to graduate admission on our webpage.  The vast majority of questions and concerns regarding deadlines, entry requirements, selection criteria or documentation are addressed on our website.

Our website is not fully updated with information relevant to the coming application round until after December 1.

Keep in mind that rules and regulations governing admission to graduate programmes at CBS undergo regular, sometimes significant changes. If you are planning to apply for admission in 2021 or later, it will be very difficult for us to provide you with accurate information and guidance so far in advance.

Do you want to discuss programme content, structure and which programme to choose?

First, please review relevant information about all full-time, full-degree graduate programmes CBS offers on You may find the content, structure, student life and careers information available on our website exhaustive enough.

If you need further advice, find contact information for the Student Hub, The Study Guidance Counsellors or information about our Events on

Please note that CBS Admissions is unable to evaluate your academic qualifications in advance of your application for admission.


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