MSocSc in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship



Competence profile

The master program in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship is directed toward students from CBS and KADK, who will gain the following competencies:

CBS: the students from CBS who wish to pursue a career as bridging between design and business in product companies competing on design, design and management consultancies, tech companies with a design orientation, experience economy firms, or other firms that want to improve their customer experience and engagement. During the program, there will be guest speakers from such organizations, presenting what they are doing, and how it relates to the program. 

CBS students will graduate as Master of Social Science, achieving insight and knowledge from design processes and innovation methods and gain tools for cross-discipline collaboration and managerial aspects from the field of architecture and design.

KADK: Based on the core subjects of architecture and design, the students from KADK add skills such as innovation methods, business development and project management to their profession. The students work across the disciplines of architecture and design, strategy and business development, and in the field of entrepreneurship. The master program will further develop the KADK student's knowledge, skills and competencies in architecture and design strengthen their profound proficiency with skills and methods that will give the students the ability to create new opportunities:

·         To start up own businesses within of design and architecture

·         To enter into tactical and strategic level in organisations in the field of design and architecture

KADK students from this master program will graduate as Master of Arts in Architecture or Design and will throughout the program work on projects and enhance their architecture and design skills while developing an entrepreneurial mindset and learning how to utilize it.

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Entrepreneural activities

All CBS students have access to a specialized career service. In addition, the student incubator Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) provides an important networking opportunity for you as an SDE student. As an SDE student you can potentially take advantage of the financial, intellectual and institutional support of CSE for your own entrepreneurial activities.


Successful participants of the program will obtain the following degrees:

CBS-students: MSs Social Science – Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship -  Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship


Cand. Arch/Master of Arts in Architecture - Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship

Cand. Des/ Master of Arts in Design - Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship


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