Applied Economics and Finance


What gets you the job?

This concentration will give you a strong understanding of finance and economics which can be applied to any job where the ability to raise, allocate and manage finances is central.

Performing quantitative analysis, using mathematical tools and econometric models for empirical data analysis is a central skill to take with you from this concentration.

Career opportunities

The majority of graduates will find employment in financial institutions. For instance as financial analysts working in a mutual or pension fund, performing evaluations of market developments and advising on how best to make investments.
Some will work in consulting. As a consultant you can help companies tackle various problems. For instance if a company is not performing well in a certain market and needs to find out why.
Others will find work in larger companies within corporate finance where you could help make analyses for investments and financial decisions, and   find ways of maximising shareholder value.
But the financial and quantitative skills acquired in  the AEF concentration can also lead to jobs in a broad range of other areas, like public institutions or international organisations.

Competence profile

In the competence profile you can read more about the purpose of the programme and the competencies you achieve in the programme:

Competence profile for Cand.Merc. AEF

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