Documentation for graduate admission

On this page you can find information about documentation regarding admission.

You must upload all relevant documentation for your application to the Application Portal by the application deadline for the group that you are applying in.

It is your responsibility to upload all the relevant documentation. We base our assessment of your application exclusively on the documentation received by the deadline. If any documentation is missing or incomplete, this can result in a possible rejection.

See our quick overview of required documentation (pdf) and find more detailed information about the different kinds of documentation below.

You must upload a copy of your passport, which clearly indicates your citizenship, when you apply via the Application Portal. If you do not have a valid passport, you may also upload a national identity card clearly stating your citizenship.
If you have dual citizenship, then you must upload copies of both passports.
If you are currently residing in a different country than the country you are a citizen of, you must also upload a copy of your current residence permit in that country.
Grade transcript
You must upload an official grade transcript, issued by your university. The grade transcript must include all courses that are done at bachelor level, including obligatory courses and electives done at CBS or at another university.

An official transcript does not need to be printed or sealed, but transcripts should be certified with a signature or stamp for example. A scanned copy of your official transcript is sufficient. A home-made list of the courses you have taken is not sufficient.

It is important that ECTS-points (alternatively, credits, points, number of hours etc.) for all the courses you have taken are clearly listed on the uploaded grade transcript.
If you have been on exchange to another university, you must also upload the official grade transcript issued by the exchange university. It is not a problem if the university in question uses a different grading system or credit system.

For students from CBS or other Danish universities
If your transcript has been retrieved automatically you do not need to upload a certified copy yourself. All the programmes that you have been enrolled in should be listed under “Completed academic degrees” or “Academic degrees in progress”.

Click on the files listed under “View/Edit upload” to check if the documentation that has been retrieved by the system is complete and correct. You are responsible for making sure that all the necessary information is available for each application.
Courses in progress that are part of your bachelor degree 
If you have not yet finished your degree, you must upload a preliminary grade transcript, as well as a proof of registration for all the courses you still need to take in order to finish your degree (both obligatory and electives or exchange courses). The proof of registration must include complete course titles and ECTS-points/credits load.
You may be accepted to a Master’s programme on condition that you finish your undergraduate degree before study start; remember that you must document you have completed your bachelor degree before study start in order to be fully accepted.

For students from CBS or other Danish universities
If you are studying at a Danish university, you can upload the transcript 'Study overview' from the online student service.
Language requirement 
You may apply even if you do not yet fulfil the English or the Danish language requirement by the time you apply. However, you must upload a registration for the language test/exam when you apply.
The requirement must be fulfilled before study start.
Make sure to check the language requirement for the programme you are applying for and check if you need a language test. You can find information about language requirements under Entry Requirements and the programme you are applying for. 
Bachelor diploma
If you have already finished your bachelor degree, you must upload a copy of your bachelor diploma, which indicates clearly that the bachelor degree has been awarded, and the date on which it was awarded.
You can apply even if you have not yet finished your bachelor degree. You may be accepted to a Master’s programme on condition that you finish your undergraduate degree before study start. Read more about being conditionally accepted and how to document you have completed your bachelor degree.
If you are enrolled in a bachelor degree at CBS, you do not need to upload your final bachelor diploma. We will check ourselves if you have graduated by study start.
If you are not enrolled in a bachelor degree at CBS, you must upload your final bachelor diploma (and grade transcript) before study start in order to be fully accepted.
NB: CBS Admissions will perform random checks to verify the authenticity of the uploaded documentation. You may therefore be asked, before study start, to hand in your original bachelor diploma for a thorough verification.
Course descriptions
You must upload official course descriptions for courses you think can fulfil the specific entry requirements or be relevant in connection to the selection criteria at the programmes and various MSc EBA/cand. merc. concentrations (read more about selection on the programme's individual admission pages).

As an example of a suitable, official course description, please see Principles of Financial Accounting

Official course descriptions must be issued by the university - for example from a course catalog or the university website. They can be copy/pasted with a link to their location online. Course descriptions that you have written yourself are not sufficient.

If we have made an advance assessment for your bachelor degree, you do not need to upload course descriptions for the obligatory courses.

You do not need to upload course descriptions for courses taken at CBS.
You can upload a maximum of five files for each question in the Application portal. If you have more than five course descriptions, please merge them into one file (word or pdf).

NB: We reserve the right not to take into account unofficial course descriptions.
Applicant from RUC and Aalborg University?

Projects from RUC and AAU can be used for the specific entry requirements for some of CBS’ graduate programmes. 

A project cannot be used to fulfil the specific entry requirements for the MSc in EBA/ cand.merc. programme.

A project that is not finished nor passed (i.e. does not appear on the grade transcript) by the application deadline will not be considered under any circumstances.

The following documentation is needed to assess a completed project:

  • The table of contents
  • The abstract
  • The research question and problem justification
  • The bibliography of the paper

Bachelor thesis or internship

The bachelor thesis or an internship cannot be used to fulfil the specific entry requirements or used as part of the selection criteria assessment for a programmes or a concentration.
You should therefore not upload your bachelor thesis or documentation on internship.

Courses that are not part of your bachelor degree
Have you passed, or are planning on passing, any other courses that are not a part of your bachelor degree but you think are relevant for your application?

You must upload official grade transcripts for the courses you have passed by the application deadline.

If you intend to pass courses, which are not part of your bachelor degree, before study start of the graduate programme you are applying for, you must upload documentation for enrolment in all the bachelor level courses in progress.

If you are not yet officially enrolled in the courses, you must upload a document that clearly states which courses you intend to pass before study start.

The documentation for courses that are not a part of your bachelor degree (passed courses or courses in progress) must include:

  • Which university the course is taken at
  • The course title
  • The number of ECTS-points for the course
  • Course description (if the course is not taken at CBS)
  • When the course starts (if you have not yet passed the course)
  • When you have passed the course / intend to pass the course

There are two types of courses you can take in addition to your bachelor degree:

Supplementary courses
Supplementary courses are used to fulfil the specific entry requirements for a graduate programme.
Please be aware that:
  • There are specific rules for how many courses you can take and when you take them, please see the rules regarding supplementary courses.
  • Registration for supplementary courses must be documented by the application deadline
  • Supplementary courses must be passed before study start

Extra courses
Extra courses can be taken in order to improve your chances in the selection process, if they are relevant for the programme's selection criteria.
Please be aware that:
  • Extra courses must be documented and passed before the application deadline.
Self-assessment (course matching)
You may include, in a separate document, your own suggestions regarding which specific entry requirements your courses can cover or which course areas your courses can cover in relation to the selection criteria.

NB: You are not to upload a self-assessment for CBS courses.

Find more information and the self-assessment form under "Are you qualified?".

Motivational essay
We only look at motivational essays in the following cases: 
1. A limited number of programmes in connection to the selection criteria: once you have decided which programme you want to apply for, you can find out whether a motivational essay is part of the selection process at the programme's individual admission page. Please note that a motivational essay is not part of the selection proces for the MSc EBA, unless you are a dispensee. 
2. Always for scholarship applicants: if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you are to write and upload a motivational essay - read more about scholarships

3. Always for dispensees: if you do not fulfil the general entry requirement of having a bachelor degree, you must include a motivational essay in your application. Have a look at the individual programme's admission pages to find further information on the motivational essay and being assessed as a dispensee. You are to write a motivational essay for each programme you are applying for, however, if you are applying for more concentrations within the same programme you are only to write one motivational essay (for example only one motivational essay is necessary if you apply for the MSc EBA/cand.merc. programme, whereas multiple motivational essays are necessary, if you apply for more than one MSocSc/cand.soc. programme).
CVs, GMAT and recommendation letters
We do not use CVs, GMAT tests or recommendation letters in your assessment.
If your documentation is in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German or French, no translation is required. However, we do encourage you to make a translation available for us if the documentation is in German or French.
If your documentation is in any other language than the languages mentioned above, you must provide us with a copy of the documentation in the original language as well as a translation.
The translation of diplomas/grade transcript should be made by an authorised translator, whereas you are welcome to translate course descriptions yourself. 


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