At this step you can read all about what happens now that you have been accepted to CBS, including study start, introduction programme, the student e-mail and student intranet, the Danish student grant, etc. You can read about where to find information about course and exam registration, schedules and exchange, where to get study-related help and how to obtain a confirmation of enrolment. You can also find out where to get special information if you are new to Denmark.

Congratulations on your acceptance to CBS

From now on, you must only contact Admissions if you have been conditionally accepted to CBS. You can read more at Our Answer - The Admission Letter - Conditional Acceptance. Please remember that only Admissions can answer questions concerning the conditions of your acceptance and your full admission to CBS.

As a new student, you probably have a number of questions – you may find the links and information below helpful in answering some of these questions.

Remember that CBS prefers electronic communication with students and that you will therefore receive as little as possible in paper format.

Study Start
The academic year at CBS starts in the mid- to end- August with a short introduction arrangement. You can read more about this, and other practical things, at New Students.
The official matriculation date is, however, the 1 September.

Your digital access to CBS
If you are a former CBS student or attending ISUP, your login details remain unchanged. If you have forgotten your login details, please write an e-mail to help@student.cbs.dk.

If you are a bachelor student at CBS, you can see the information about your bachelor studies until the beginning of July. At the beginning of July, you can see information about your new graduate programme instead.
If you are new to CBS you will receive a letter with login details for my.cbs.dk. If you have a Danish civil registration no. (CPR) you will receive the letter in your e-box between 3 and 6 July.
If you do not have a Danish civil registration no (CPR) your letter will be sent by post on 6 July.
  •  If you have previously studied at CBS (either a degree programme, or if you have taken a single course), you will not receive an IT letter. You should log in with your normal username and update your password. You can read more about this on the IT pages of my.cbs.dk.
  • If you have not received an IT letter by July 20, send an e-mail to graduateadmission@cbs.dk with the subject “My IT-letter”. CBS Admissions will not respond to e-mails concerning missing IT-letters sent before July 20. If you wait until after July 25, you will have to pick up your letter at the Student Hub. Please remember your ID to pick up the IT-letter.
  • If you have problems with logging in with the provided details, you should contact IT Support: help@student.cbs.dk

You will have access to your student e-mail, my.cbs.dk (including your schedule) and Learn once you have activated your user account.

my.cbs.dk is the intranet for students. You can find all the relevant information concerning your studies on my.cbs.dk, such as:

  • Your study homepage with all the information concerning rules, special arrangements, news from your studies, deadlines, exam rules, course descriptions and much more.
  • Study guidance and tips for study techniques, tools and time management
  • CBS Library
  • Guidelines for IT systems and contact information for IT Support
  • For which courses you are registered
  • Your schedule
  • Your exam results (for exams passed at CBS)
  • Jobforum: CBS Career Gate

CBS Learn is CBS’ teaching platform. You can use Learn to see your semester timetable for individual courses, as well as texts, slides and assignments you need to read, or prepare, for class. You can also upload assignments, material and share information with both your teachers and fellow students via Learn.

SU and the travelcard
You can apply for SU (The Danish student grant) from June 19 at the earliest. Please be aware that you cannot expect the grant to paid out mid July or in the beginning of August.

If you have been conditionally accepted and you do not fulfil the conditions by study start, your acceptance will be annulled and you risk having to pay back any SU received.
You should apply for SU via the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Educational Support (SU-styrelsen). On their website you can also read more about SU. You can also read more about the travelcard for students.
International students
If you are an international student, you can read more about being a student in Denmark and at CBS, about special activities and events available to you.

Keep in mind that it can be very difficult to find a place to live in Copenhagen around study start – you will find some good advice on where to look for accommodation in International students' survival guide to life in Denmark (pdf).
Your studies
You can find more detailed information about your studies on my.cbs.dk, such as, for example, courses and semester registration, exams and exam registration, schedules and calendars, electives and exchange.

If you have any concrete questions about the information on my.cbs.dk or the course of programme, or if special circumstances surrounding your studies are relevant to you, you should contact Student Hub, which is also the entrance to your studies at CBS. See contact information and opening hours on my.cbs.dk

Keep in mind that it is only the Admissions that can answer questions regarding your conditional acceptance at CBS and issue a letter of full acceptance for you.

You can have two types of confirmations:

1. A general confirmation that you are enrolled in a Master’s degree programme - only if you are fully accepted to CBS. In order to receive this form of confirmation between 15 June and 31 October (for Ebusiness Winter intake between 5 December and 15 March), you will need to show: 1) your letter of acceptance from the Application Portal, which indicates that you are fully accepted to CBS (you must print this letter out yourself and bring it with you) and 2) your student card or another picture ID. You must visit the Student Hub at Dalgas Have 15 or at Solbjerg Plads 3 to get a general confirmation of enrolment.

2. A signed and stamped copy of your acceptance letter – you need to print this out yourself and bring it to the Student Hub at Dalgas Have 15 or Solbjerg Plads 3 to have it signed and stamped by CBS. You must show your student card or another picture ID as identification.

Please note that you should always bring your student card or another picture ID as identification.


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