Admission and COVID-19

Here you can find information about corona and the admission in 2020.


The Danish borders are open for students

Many countries have closed their borders due to COVID-19 including Denmark. Some of you are therefore concerned if you can even enter Denmark if you are offered a study place. The borders are open for foreign students who have a study place in Denmark, thus if you are admitted to CBS you will be able to enter the country. Please be aware that you will need to present your admission letter in order to enter the country.

Autumn 2020

We expect that COVID-19 will still be a significant societal issue this autumn. Click here for more information about teaching and exams in the autumn semester 2020.

Deadline 15 September

We have extended the 31 August deadline until 15 September to document that you fulfil any conditions written in your answer letter, should you be offered a study place in June. Read more about documenting qualifications and fulfilling conditions here.

Final exams and delayed diplomas

All conditionally accepted applicants are expected to have completed their bachelor degrees by 15 September. If you completed all components of your degree (submitted all papers, participated in all exams and the like) by 15 September but your university has not issued your graduation certificate (or diploma) just yet, you may be eligible for a deadline extension.

Your request for deadline extension will be considered if you upload 1) a brief letter outlining the grounds for your request as well as 2) supporting documentation to your application by September 15.

Supporting documentation may include the following:

  • signed and stamped statement from your university, confirming the completion of your degree
  • official grade transcript, stating that your degree has been completed on a specific date
  • screenshot of an e-mail from your university, confirming the completion of your degree
  • copy of your application for degree certificate (Lund University)
  • your latest official grade transcript AND the date of your last exam
  • your latest grade transcript AND a signed statement from the examiner of your last exam, confirming that you have passed the exam
  • confirmation that you have been admitted to the October graduation session (Bocconi University)

The following will not be accepted:
•    official grade transcript, indicating that you have completed a specific number of ECTS-points

Your letter and your supporting documentation will be reviewed by CBS Admissions in due time. If you are granted the extension, you will have until October 25 to upload your official graduation certificate (or diploma) to your application.


For incoming students who are graduating with their bachelor degree from one of the Danish universities (see below), you can apply for an exemption to start the graduate programme while completing your bachelor degree.

Read about how to apply for an exemption if you are a student from one of the Danish universities

If you do not study at one of the Danish universities, it is, unfortunately, not possible to get an exemption to start your graduate programme while completing your bachelor degree.

Danish Universities:

  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Copenhagen University (KU)
  • IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
  • Roskilde University (RUC)
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • Aarhus University (AU)
  • Aalborg University (AAU)

Language test – English

We are aware that some test centers are closed due to the COVID-19 situation and that some tests have therefore been cancelled. We encourage you to look in to the possibility of taking the TOEFL Special Home Edition, an online test you can do from home. We will extraordinarily accept the home edition from TOEFL for the admission 2020.

If you choose the TOEFL home edition, please note that you must order the result to the CBS institution code: 7035.

You can read about the English language requirement here: English A  and English B.

Other language tests – French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese

If you are not able to take a language test as planned in French, Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese due to COVID-19, please contact us and we will look into whether or not an individual solution can be found for you. Please write to with the subject line ‘My application’.

The page was last edited by: Student Affairs // 06/08/2020