Accounting, Strategy and Control


What gets you the job?

Your ability to see the behavior in the organisation and the motivation among its employees in an economic perspective, will enable you to design and analyse measurement and incentive systems that can change the way the company works. A core skill gained through this concentration is  knowing how different systems and tools for measurements work, and how to apply them to identify or solve concrete economic or organisational problems in the organisation. You will be able to understand the principles behind the numbers and present data in a way that creates value and transparency for both management and employees, and through this help the company work more efficiently towards common strategic goals.

You will not be number crunching , but rather be managing  the processes, interpreting and presenting numbers.

By understanding economic and human drivers, you will be able to understand why people and companies act the way they do.

Career opportunities

Some graduates will find employment in consulting. As a consultant you can help companies tackle various problems. You could for instance  advise  companies on organisational restructuring, optimisation of various internal processes, or implementation of systems for control.
The solid understanding of company cost and value drivers also leads graduates to positions as financial analysts and investment bankers, working with valuation of companies for financial institutions, or management of financial risk in corporations.
Graduates from the ASC concentration also find work as financial or business controllers. From this position you could for instance be evaluating internal performance and compliance of business units or employees. You could also be making budget analysis to plan and control organisational projects and initiatives.

Academic profile 

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme: 

Competence profile for ASC

PDF iconCompetence profile for MSc EBA

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