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Welcome to new graduate students at CBS. Here is what you need to know right now...


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Within the next few days, you will know whether you have been accepted to a graduate programme at CBS. Unfortunately CBS has had to reject many applicants, as we receive far more applications than we offer study places.

If you have been rejected, we recommend that you read the article ”Rejected?”


Our answer will be uploaded to your application in the Application Portal. You will receive an email as soon as it has been uploaded. 

CBS Admissions uploads responses to applications continuously. You will therefore not necessarily receive an answer to all of your applications at the same time, and your friends could receive an answer before you do. 

As soon as all answers have been uploaded, we will inform you via cbs.dk under Graduate > Admission > Our answer. If all the answers have been uploaded and you have not received any answers, you are welcome to contact us. Until then you have to be patient.


If you are one of the lucky applicants who have been accepted to CBS, you must remember to accept the offer for a study place no later than five days after you have received your answer. 

You do this in your application in the Application Portal.

You will not receive any confirmation, but you will see that your application status has changed from:

Application Portal, Danish view:

  • "Afgjort, Optagelse tilbudt" to "Afgjort, Optaget" or 
  • ”Afgjort, Betinget optagelse tilbudt" to "Afgjort, Betinget optaget"

Application Portal, English view:

  • ”Assessment completed, Offered admission” to “Assessment completed, Admitted”
  • ”Assessment completed, Offered conditional admission” to ”Assessment completed, Conditionally admitted”

Read more about how to accept and possible answers on cbs.dk under Graduate > Admission > Our answer


Please make note of whether your admission is full or conditional. 

If you are conditionally accepted, e.g. you still need to pass a course in your bachelor, you must meet these requirements before 1 September 2018. If you fail to do so, your admission could be annulled. 

Please make sure that you have read and fully understand how and when to fulfil the conditions stated in your letter. 

Read more about conditional admission and what to do under The admission letter on cbs.dk under Graduate > Admission > Our Answer


At the beginning of July, you will receive a letter with username and password for your CBS-mail, your timetable and my.cbs.dk, your student intranet:

You will receive the letter via:

  • If you are new to CBS and have a Danish civil registration number, you will receive your letter in your e-box.
  • If you are new to CBS and do not have a Danish civil registration number, you will receive your letter by post.
  • If you are a former student at CBS, you must use your current username and password. If you cannot remember your logon credentials, please contact the IT Support on studenthelpdesk.it@cbs.dk


Most study programmes at CBS start with orientation activities. They are not mandatory, however, we do recommend that you participate as they will give you a good academic and social introduction to your new programme.

Orientation activities vary among programmes. They start 20 August at the earliest, but for many programmes the start date is later. 

Read more about orientation activities for your study programme and when it starts on my.cbs.dk at the beginning of July.


Whether you are continuing your bachelor degree’s natural progression or are coming from another university, you must apply for education grants (SU). 

You apply for SU at MinSU on www.su.dk   

When can you apply?

If you take up a graduate programme immediately after the completion of your bachelor studies, you can apply for SU from 15 June, however, no sooner than two days after you accept your study place at CBS. 

If you do not take up a master programme immediately after the completion of your bachelor studies, you can apply for SU one month before you are eligible to receive SU. That means the first day you can apply for SU is 1 August.

Processing time can be up to 4 weeks and your SU will not be disbursed until the middle of July or beginning of August.

Read more about SU on my.cbs.dk > Student life > SU > Apply for SU – Danish citizen or www.su.dk


If you are a foreign citizen, there are certain conditions you have to meet. You must also follow a special application process before you can receive any SU. Read more about SU on my.cbs.dk > Student life > SU > Apply for SU – foreign citizen or www.su.dk

Please note that processing time may take up to 4 months.


If you have any questions for our answer to your application, please send an email to CBS Admissions on graduateadmission@cbs.dk. In the subject line, write: ”My Application” + your application ID. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible, but we do receive many questions within a very short period of time, so we kindly ask you to be patient. 

You are also welcome to give us a call on +45 38152764 Monday 11 June and Tuesday 12 June between 9 and 16.

Please note however, we can only comment on your specific application or make any decisions if you write an email to Graduate Admission on graduateadmission@cbs.dk.


Once again, welcome to CBS – we hope that you will have two great and educational years with us! 

The page was last edited by: Student Affairs // 06/13/2018