Do you have a bachelor degree from another university?

Do you have a bachelor degree from another university and wish to apply for a master programme at CBS? Read more if you want to know more about how to apply.


Apply for graduate programme at CBS

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How to apply for a master's programme

You must apply online via the Application Portal for admission to CBS’ master programmes. The application Portal is now open and you must submit your application no later than 1 March 2022 at 23:59. It is a good idea to start your application well in advance as you may experience some queueing.

You can read more about the application process and find the link to the Application Portal on

Read about how to apply

Do you meet the requirements? 

On you can find advance assessments for bachelor’s degrees from Denmark and other countries. In the advance assessment, not to be confused with the specific entry requirements, you can see if your bachelor’s degree meet the entry requirements for a specific programme. You can find the advance assessments by clicking on the link below and then:

  • Click on the relevant master’s programme
  • Scroll down to Advance Assessments
  • Click on Bachelor degrees from other Danish institutions or the country where you took your bachelor’s degree
  • See if you can find your bachelor’s degree in the list
  • In the column Fulfilment of specific entry requirements, you can find information about what you need in order to submit a full application
  • In the column Language requirement to be fulfilled, you can check if you fulfil the language requirement

Find a list of CBS’ master’s programmmes

If your bachelor’s degree is not listed under advance assessments, you can make a self-assessment to find out whether you meet the requirements for a specific programme. Unfortunately, CBS is not able to make a preliminary assessment of whether you meet the requirements for the programme(s) you are applying for.

Please note: Even if you meet the requirements, you are not guaranteed a student place.

Read about how to make a self-assessment here

If you do not meet the requirements, read more about how to qualify

Do you need to write a personal statement?
A number of CBS’ programmes require a personal statement as a basis for selection.

If you apply for one of the master programmes below, you must write a personal statement. If the programme is not on the list, you do not need to write a personal statement. If you choose to submit one anyway, it will not be read and will not serve as a basis of your full assessment.

  • MSc in Business Administration and Organisational Communication - cand.merc.(kom)
  • MSc in Social Science in Human Resource Management - cand.soc.
  • MSc in Business Administration and Data Science
  • MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems
  • MSc in Business, Language and Culture – both concentrations
  • MSc in Business Administration and Innovation in Health Care
  • MSc in Advanced Economics and Finance MSc in Business Administration and Digital Business (previously E-business)
  • MSc in Social Sciences in Public Management and Social Development
  • MSc in International Business and Politics
  • MSc in Social Sciences in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship – both concentrations
  • MSc in Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship
  • MSc in Business Economics and Auditing - cand.,merc.(aud) Revisorkandidat
  • Master in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management

Assessment of your application

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of places, we choose between the applicants on the basis of an overall assessment. The applicants’ bachelor degree will be included in the overall assessment where we add special emphasis to courses and grades that are relevant to the master programme you are applying for. Read more about what is considered important on the individual programme by clicking on the programme and choosing Selection Criteria.

Click here, find the programme and read about the criteria

Do you need to pay a tuition fee?
The following applicants do not have to pay tuition or application fees:

  • EU citizens
  • Citizens from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

If you have a Danish residence permit, you might be exempt from paying a tuition fee. Read more under "Non-EU/EEA citizens" here at

Are you applying for cand.merc./MSc EBA?

If you are considering applying for a cand.merc./MSc EBA concentration, please note the following:

New cand.merc./MSc EBA programme in General Management and Analytics

In 2023, CBS is offering a new cand.merc./MSc EBA programme in General Management and Analytics. The programmes below have a legal claim of admission to the new programme:

  • BSc in International Business
  • BSc in International Shipping and Trade
  • BSc in Business Administration and Service Management
  • HA almen erhvervsøkonomi
  • HA i Europæisk Business
  • HA i projektledelse
  • and from 2025 HA(fil.) - Erhvervsøkonomi og filosofi

Read more about the new MSc in Economics and Business Administration in 2023 on

Final intake for cand.merc./MSc EBA concentrations

CBS is constantly developing our programmes to ensure that they are of high quality and up to date and that they match the needs of the labour market and society. As part of the assessment and development of the entire programme portfolio, CBS has made a reform of our cand.merc. programmes, which we expect will apply from 2024. This means that 2023 will be the last year that we offer all 14 cand.merc./MSc EBA concentrations.

As of 2024, the majority of the concentrations will continue as individual programmes, but some concentrations will close. Consequently, the following cand.merc./MSc EBA concentrations will have a final intake in 2023:

  • Brand and Communications Management
  • International Business
  • International Marketing and Management

If you are currently studying at CBS, you can read more about the cand.merc./MSc EBA reform in the news on (CBS login required).

Drop by CBS Application Lounge at Solbjerg Plads

Are you applying for a graduate programme in 2023? Then you are welcome to drop by our Application Lounge and send in your application. We are ready to help you with your questions. The Application Lounge is open:

  • Monday 20 February 10.00 - 15.00 CET and 
  • Monday 27 February 10.00 - 15.00 CET

You can read more about the Application Lounge here on


If you have questions about admission to CBS’ master’s programmes, you can contact CBS Admissions or a student guidance counsellor.

Please note: We are only able to comment on your specific application or make decisions if you write an email to CBS Admissions.

Send an email to CBS Admissions

  • Send your email to
  • Please include your full name and application ID from the Application Portal in the email if you have submitted your application.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. After the application deadline, you may experience longer response time. This does not mean that the application process has stopped, we are simply busy processing the many applications we have received.

Call a student guidance counsellor 

You can call a student guidance counsellor during our extended opening hours:

  • Tel.: +45 3815 2764
  • Monday 27 February 10:00-15:00
  • Tuesday 28 February 10:00-15:00
  • Wednesday1 March 10:00-15:00

You are also welcome to contact us during our normal opening hours. Find opening hours and contact information.

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