CBS graduates would recommend their education to others

According to a new survey among CBS graduates, students at CBS acquire the competences needed the most by the corporate sector. 97 per cent recommend their programme to others


An education from Copenhagen Business School delivers and provides the graduates with the right competences for a job in the corporate sector. Those are the words of the 1,429 respondents, who completed their education between 2008-2012. More than four fifths of the respondents are employed and have experienced a match between the competences they have acquired at CBS and the competences needed by their employer.

According to the students, the three most significant competences acquired at CBS are the ability to acquire new knowledge, the ability to analyse complex problems and theoretical knowledge within a given area.

Analyse complex problems
And the graduates have especially used the two first competences in their jobs. This is no surprise to me, but I am very happy about it, says Sven Bislev, Vice Dean of Education

- It is very positive that the graduates from CBS actually experience that the business community need the competences that they have acquired during their studies. As an educational institution, we prioritise having a very close relationship with the business community, and I think that the result of our efforts shows in this survey, he says.

Strengthening of dissemination
The value of the programmes may be the reason why as much as 97 per cent of the graduates recommend their education to others. The graduates also stress that there are more theory during their studies than the business community needs, and that the ability to disseminate their knowledge to others is a competence that is needed much more than prioritised at CBS.

- There will probably always be a tendency that universities attach more weight to the abstract and the theoretical matter than the corporate sector does. To study is in fact a kind of research process. Today the ability to disseminate is an important and popular competence in the corporate sector. Their wish is in line with our own priorities, says Sven Bislev. He elaborates:

- We are working with the way in which the students present their work. Some courses require analyses in the shape of scientific papers, but we are increasingly working with user-oriented types of dissemination. Video and PowerPoints are increasingly becoming part of the courses, and long papers are often replaced by shorter articles and more exact memorandums. This survey shows that we are moving in the right direction, he says.

Figures from the Graduate Survey 2013:

97 per cent would recommend others to pursue a degree on CBS
69 per cent have jobs in direct continuation of their thesis or within the traditional area of employment
After a year, 93 per cent have jobs and after two years, 98 per cent have jobs
89 per cent describe their employment as permanent or trainee-based
13 per cent have or have had jobs in another country - primarily (9 per cent) in Europe
More than every four graduate work with economics, finance or accounting
Four out of five graduates would like to stay in touch with CBS after completion of their programme

Method: We have asked 5,326 graduates to participate in the survey. 1,429 graduates have accepted, which is a response rate of 27.3.

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