CBS graduates are popular

A degree from CBS pays more and provides better opportunities for an executive career than social science education at other universities


Compared to other Danish social science programmes, it is highly likely that a CBS graduate is paid more and has better chances of becoming a CEO. These are the conclusions of a comprehensive study made by the Center for Economic and Business Research, an independent forecasting and analysis unit at CBS. According to Per Holten-Andersen, President of CBS, the reason is CBS' international profile and the way the programmes are adapted to the business community.

- Our programmes are constantly targeted at the global labour market. It is not just about sending our graduates abroad, but also about providing them with a global understanding, he says.

Measured by annual income and the probability of becoming a CEO, CBS graduates are doing significantly better at the job market . On average, a graduate from CBS makes DKK 54,000 more per year before pension contribution and is 27 % more likely to become a CEO than graduates from other social science programmes. The study is the first of its kind and is based on comprehensive data from Statistics Denmark.

- It is definitely a factor that we are placed in the middle of Copenhagen. The pay is higher, the unemployment rate is lower, but our programmes also meet the demands of the business community. We teach our students to become key players in organisations, and usually our close relationship with the business community results in employment before graduation, says Per Holten-Andersen.

The analysis has been made by CEBR, an independent analysis unit at CBS. The salary calculations have been made on the basis of 8,520 CBS graduates. The probability of becoming CEO has been calculated on the basis of 9,724 CBS graduates. By means of a so-called "twin analysis", each graduate from CBS is compared to a person with the exact same background, age and gender, but with a social science degree from another university. The twins have been selected from a population of 15,369 people with a master degree in administration, law, political science, economics, social science and business administration/management from another institution than CBS. The analysis only includes the private labour market. The data comes from Statistics Denmark and CBS' databases.

For more information about the analysis, please contact Joannes Jacobsen, Senior Analyst, CEBR, tel.:+45 38155684, email: Please contact CBS' press services for comments from Per Holten-Andersen.

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