Contact and practical information

The CBS Summer Team is ready to help you with your questions regarding the summer programme

Questions about CBS Summer University?

Before you contact us, see if you can find the answers to your questions on this and the following pages:

Contact info

Contact the Secretariat
CBS Summer University Secretariat, The International Office
Finsensvej 6D, 1.
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Phone and walk-in hours: Monday and Wednesday from 09:30-12:00.
Phone (via reception): +45 3815 3006
You can find useful information about application, fees, student categories, courses etc. on our webpage.
If your are a CBS student taking summer courses as electives

For information on registration and withdrawal, check

For quick guidance and general information, contact Student Hub

For guidance on specific programmes, choosing electives, and the like, find the student guidance counsellors for your programme.

How to get to CBS

CBS is located in Frederiksberg, close to the heart of Copenhagen. See CBS locations for more details and how to get to a specific building.

The most common buildings used during CBS Summer University:

  • Solbjerg Plads 3
    Main campus building with a wide range of auditoriums, class rooms, group study rooms, as well as the home to the largest of the CBS Libraries, and the location of the bookstore at CBS. Most classes will take place
  • Kilen
    Home to the Presidents office and top management at CBS. Some classes take place here
  • Howitzvej 60
    Home to Creators Floor (a cooperation between the office community Symbion and CBS targeted entrepreneurs). Some classes take place here.
  • Finsensvej 6D
    Location of the International Office and the CBS Summer University Secretariat
  • Amager Standvej 108
    Examination Hall for all written sit-in exams

For how to get to CBS by public transportation please check Rejsenplanen/Journey Planner.

Practical information


Budget/Expected expenses
Staying in Copenhagen is not exactely cheap and living expenses of course vary according to personal requirements and standards. The following should give an indication of expected expenditures for the duration of the summer programme:
Activity Prices 2024
CBS housing (depends on room size, single or shared double room - prices for a 6-week period Approx. DKK 8,500 - 14,000. Prices for 2024 will be posted in March 2024. Further details under Accommodation
CBS Summer Social Programme TBA
Personal expenses (sandwiches can be purchased in the CBS cafeteria for approx. DKK 50 and hot meals for approx. DKK 130 Approx. DKK 7,200 - 8,700
Books/reading materials DKK 0-1,500 (look at the course descriptions to see required books/materials).
Transportation Approx. DKK 1,000


Help with CBS login
After you have been enrolled in CBS Summer University Programme, you will receive an email with your username and password if you are a first time student at CBS, if you are currently enrolled or if you have been enrolled at CBS before, you will not receive a new login, but you should simply use your current/old account.
Your username will never change, but your password expires every 3rd month and must be updated on
Please note that your CBS login will be valid 3 months after your last exam.

Register your personal contact information on You will then receive a reminder when your password needs to be updated, and you will be able to reset it yourself.

Are you unable to log on to, and haven’t you registered your contact information yet? Please contact the IT Support or call +45 3815 3575

What is is the student intranet for students enrolled at CBS.

Here you can find information regarding exams, studies, contact informations to verious CBS units, student life etc.

How do I get access?

After you have been admitted to the programme, you will receive your CBS username and password, which is needed for logging in. You should receive this by mid/end-May at the latest.


CBS Canvas

What is CBS Canvas?

CBS Canvas is the e-learning platform used by students for the following:

  • Find course information, preliminary assignments, additional material etc.
  • Post messages and communicate with their instructor and fellow students

How do I get access?

After you have been admitted to the programme, you will receive your CBS username and password, which is needed for logging in. You should receive this by mid/end-May at the latest. Then you can access CBS Canvas

Digital Exam

What is Digital Exam?

The exam system, Digital Exam, is used at CBS to administrate exams digitally. The system lives up to the Danish governments strategy for digitalisation of university exams and supports a modern and digitised approach to conducting and assessing exams.

The system is digitalising the entire exam process: from Planning the exam, transferring data from STADS, presenting the assignment to the students, conducting and submitting the assignment, to automatic forwarding of the assignment to the assessors, grading and automatic registration in STADS. The ambition is that no paper will be needed at any point in the process.

How do i access Digital Exam?

You access Digital Exam by following the link below and log in with your CBS username and password

I have problems uploading my exam project, what do I do?

If you experience technical challenges in uploading your project, please contact the IT-support / +45 3815 3575 or Exams immediately


Printing at CBS

Printing, photocopying and scanning at CBS Library.

Alternative print and copy services in Frederiksberg

Distance in minutes on foot from Solbjerg Plads 3.

Occasionally, students abroad have serious medical problems, are involved in accidents or victims of assault. 
A good advice
Always make sure to carry and keep photocopies of your health insurance card/insurance policy, credit card information, and also some form of identification (driver’s license or passport). It might be a good idea to scan the documents and send them to your own email account 
In case of emergency
For emergency Dial (+45) 112
Please state whether you need fire, police or ambulance service The operator will connect you at once. Speak slowly and clearly and give your address and phone number (English will be understood). When calling from a pay phone, no payment is required.
If you find yourself in an emergency situation, it is important that you contact the relevant people and authorities - depending on the seriousness of the situation;
  • your family (in all cases)
  • your host university (in all cases) - they cannot help you, if they don't know!
  • other students (they are often the closest ones to help)
  • get help at the hospital (injury, assault, etc.) 
  • contact local police (robbery, assault, etc.)
  • your insurance company (medical or legal assistance)
  • your Embassy or Consulate (loss of passport, arrestation, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.)
  • counsellor (you might need professional help, if you have been involved in an emergency situation or helped others in a crisis)

Inform the CBS International Office
Remember, the International Office is here to help you. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, please contact us immediately.

What do we consider an emergency

  • Robbery/Assault/rape
  • Natural disasters/Terrorist attacks

What is definitely NOT considered an emergency!

  • I lost my key and can’t get in my room/apartment
  • I can’t find my class room
  • My shower doesn’t work
  • Etc.


Question: Do I need a visa to study at CBS Summer University?
Answer: Some students who come to Denmark to participate in the summer programme will have to apply for a short term visa for the period of the duration of the programme. Since you are going to study in Denmark for less than three months, you will not get a student visa. You can check the to see whether or not you need to apply for a short term visa for entering Denmark. Students from many countries, including the U.S., do not need to apply for a short term visa if their stay in Denmark is under three months.

Students, who need to apply for a short term visa to enter Denmark, should apply at the Danish embassy or consulate in their home country as early as possible once they have received their letter of acceptance from the secretariat at CBS Summer University as it takes up to three months to get a visa. Please remember that if you need a visa, your passport must be valid until at least three months after the expiry date of the visa.
Health insurance
Question: Can I get a Danish health insurance card?
Answer: No, students studying less than three months in Denmark have to get private insurance.
Question: Can I apply for a scholarship to cover my costs for studying at CBS Summer University?
Answer: As a state owned institution, CBS has no scholarships to offer to students taking courses at CBS Summer University. However, it may be possible that your home university has scholarships for taking part in international education opportunities.
CBS elective students
Question: Why is the course I wish to take not approved on the positive/negative list?
Answer: Your study board decides which electives you can take at CBS Summer University. If your desired course is not approved on the positive/negative list please contact your study board for further explanation.
Question: Can I get on a waiting list if I do not get my first choice or if I have missed the application deadline?
Answer: No, it is not possible to get on a waiting list for courses at CBS Summer University. Even if someone withdraws from the course, it will not necessarily open a place as we overbook all courses.

Question: Can I switch courses if I find out that I need/want another one?
Answer: After the application round is over, there will be very limited possibilities to change courses. We will overbook all courses in relation to the number of places in each course. So even if someone else withdraws, this will not necessarily leave a place to be filled. 
Question: Will courses at CBS Summer University be taught year by year?
Answer: The summer courses are "season courses" and may not be offered year by year. This means that you must pass the last exam attempt no later than November of the year in which you attend CBS Summer University.
Question: I am applying as a credit transfer student. I have uploaded all documents in my online application except the pre-approval of credit transfer letter. I have applied for a pre-approval at my institution, but it is not likely that I will receive it before the application deadline. Can I hand in the pre-approval letter after the deadline? Will my application still be considered?
Answer: You have to submit all documentation by the application deadline, otherwise your application will be rejected. If you cannot present a course pre-approval within the application deadline, you have the possibility to change to the student category Open University Students (fee-paying) by sending an email to You must do this within the application deadline. Please note that we hereafter do not change the student category and/or refund the course fee, even though you hand in your pre-approval.

Question: I have uploaded all documents in my online application except a copy of my passport. I have applied for a new passport, but it is not likely I am going to get it by the application deadline. What should I do?
Answer: You have to submit all documentation by the application deadline, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Question: Can I submit my missing documents by email?
Answer: No, you cannot. Please log on to your online application through the link you received in the confirmation email and upload the documentation there.

Question: Can I upload my driver's license?
Answer: No, we only accept a valid passport or EU/national identity card stating your citizenship.
Question: I am interested in taking a course with a basic understanding in finance as a prerequisite. I have yet to take an introductory course in finance, but I believe that I qualify as having a basic understanding of the subject. Is this good enough to satisfy the prerequisite or do I need to have taken a finance course?
Answer: In your online application you will be asked to confirm that you fulfil the prerequisites for the course. You will not be asked to document your confirmation. It is your own responsibility to evaluate whether you think you fulfil the prerequisites and will be able to follow the course.
CBS login
Question: I am a first time student at CBS and I have not received my CBS username and password, what do I do?
Answer: In the beginning of May we will send all first time students at CBS their CBS username and password by email. If you have not received the email by the end of May, please contact us at immediately, and we will look into it for you.

Question: I have been enrolled at CBS before, but I cannot logon and reset my password, what do I do?
Answer: If you cannot remember your password and you are not able to logon to and reset it yourself, please contact CBS IT at - The secretariat at CBS Summer University cannot help you resetting your password.
Tuition fee payment
Question: I am a Non-European Freemover and I applied for the summer course(s) a few weeks ago. However, I still don't know how to pay the tuition fee. Could you please give me the payment information?
Answer: The tuition fee should be transferred to the bank account mentioned in the section Fees and costs under Application and fees.

Question: I am an Open University Student and I am wondering when I have to pay for my course(s)?
Answer: The payment instructions will be sent to your CBS email account by end-May, if you have not received your CBS username and password by mid-May, please contact us at and we will look into it for you (Please note that it is not possible to get the payment instructions sent to another email address).

Question: I am an Open University Student and I have not received my CBS user ID, can I pay in another way?
Answer: No, you need to pay for your course(s) through the E-payment portal, where you sign on with your CBS user ID. If you have not received the email with your CBS user ID by mid-May, please contact the us at
Arrival service and late arrival

Arrival Service with key pick-up is arranged at the airport and students will be accompanied to their dormitories. Our Arrival Coordinator will send students an email with further information in May 2024.

Late arrival: Please contact our Arrival Coordinator if you arrive earlier or later than 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on 21 June 2024 and you need to receive a key to your CBS accommodation.


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